Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New developments...

As a new mom, I've had to make waaaay too many choices, most of which I never expected. I have chosen to nurse Marissa on demand. Whenever she whimpered, whenever she woke up, whenever she needed to sleep, and (especially now) whenever she asks by lifting up my shirt (we're working on a better way for her to tell me she wants to nurse - lol). I decided that she would make her own schedule, even if it was always different, and I didn't want to only nurse her every 4 hours, or whatever. Also, everyone always said not to nurse older babies to sleep (8-9 months) or they'll always need to nurse to get to sleep. But I've just always done that. And most people assume you're supposed to wean a baby at 1 year old, but I decided I wanted to exercise child-led weaning - let her decide when she's done (mostly - but I will eventually set limits), not me telling her she's done.

Lately, however, Marissa has transformed herself from an easy-going baby into a adventurous, daring, contented toddler. She completely forgets about nursing these days, especially if we're out doing something like taking a walk, or at work. There's too much stuff to do and play with! She doesn't want to sit still enough to nurse (not that she sits still to nurse anyway!). It just happened suddenly, too. One day she was nursing every spare second just cuz she was bored, and the next day, I had to convince her it was time to nurse! My baby girl isn't a baby anymore! And at night, I usually nurse her to sleep. But lately, just as I'm getting ready to move her sleeping body from my lap to her crib, she wakes back up again. For a while, she used to fight it, so when I put her down, she'd start screaming. But now, even if she's awake the whole time I walk up the stairs, once I put her down, she curls up on her side, and lays there quietly until she falls back asleep! It's pretty wonderful. And it makes me feel good to know that the choices I made for her have worked so well for us as a family so far.

She is climbing everywhere - all by herself, with no help! I can't catch her fast enough most of the time either. I let her sit on the couch and futon, but the coffee table and the push/ride-on toy are definitely off limits! I'm amazed at her balance on the push toy though - she hasn't fallen YET! She thinks she's so cool sitting on the couch and futon.

So because of this new ability she has discovered, I've had to really start enforcing "NO!" - and she does NOT appreciate it! Haha. It's quite funny (for now at least), but I try not to let her see me laughing For the first 5 times I tell her no and remove her from the situation, she just ignores me and goes right back to what she was doing. After that though, she crumples to her knees and refuses to stand or walk, then crawls back to what she was doing. It takes quite a few times before she'll realize she's not going to win, and find something different to do. I have a feeling I won't find it funny for much longer. Lol.

She is also a dancer! Anything that makes music, she will push the buttons over and over and over again. She walks or marches in a circle while swinging her arms, but when the music stops, she goes back to turn it back on! This can also be done while holding her baby by the feet. It's too funny. It's so amazing to see her personality just explode lately. She's pretending with babies and kitchen toys too.

Oh, and the most awesome thing she does...KISSES galore! Just mention the word, and she puckers up to whoever she sees, even if they're across the room! She'd give kisses probably all day if she could. I just love it!

*EDIT* I almost forgot to mention - we finally bought Marissa a new car seat - the Britax Boulevard. Dang, why are they so expensive?!?! It's a good thing she's worth it! Too bad she still has to be rear facing for 3 more pounds. Lol. I'm hoping to go to the police/fire station tomorrow to get them to inspect it (or just install it for me?). Very complicated! But cool looking, and super safe!