Saturday, August 3, 2013


How can it possibly be August already?! I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant, and each week goes by so slowly, but I'm surprised it's August. I've blocked out the whole month from other activities and appointments (except for mine every week of course), and we'll be starting school soon so hopefully we can get a little done before it's baby time.

This morning I got up and went to a kids' clothes sale nearby. Got a bunch of stuff for Roman, who really needed the most, and a few things for each of the girls. Roman is still barely wearing 2T right now, and even then sometimes his pants fall right off his butt. But I got him a bunch of 3T stuff (with adjustable waistbands!) that should hopefully carry him through the fall/winter. Arianna is growing out of 4T, which is surprising me, and into 5T, which is coming straight off Marissa's rack in the closet! It's pretty handy since I don't even have to pack things away in between them. Haha. Marissa is around a 6, but also has a problem with pants since her legs are so long but her waist is so skinny. Right now I've got a load of tiny baby girl clothes in the washer and once they're clean, all we need is a dresser (Ikea run!) and she can come! I'm so ready to be done, but want to make sure she doesn't come early like Roman, so for now I have to be patient. One more week or so and I'll feel better about wanting to be done!

Marissa has been whining about how the summer went so fast. She says she misses her friends (at our CC group), but I can tell she's not that excited about starting back to school. Arianna is though - I'll be doing some preschool with her, depending on how everything else goes! She's already at preschool level on many things, so it'll be pretty laid back. But we did get her school supplies that she's excited to use.

Roman is talking like crazy lately. I love hearing him discover new ways to communicate, and his voice is so cute saying things like "Roman's fault" and "No, YOU'RE a goober"

There's a list a mile long of things I wish we could get done around the house before K is born. But most days I can barely get through doing the bare minimum, and I feel bad putting it all onto Dan, so it's probably not all going to get done. I've checked a few minor things off the list, and there are a few I know we'll be working on together. But after that I think I just have to give up on my list. It's mostly organizing junk anyway, so it can wait. Although the junk is really getting on my nerves, I am just in too much muscle pain to go crazy with nesting.

I'm really enjoying the quiet of nap time today. Dan took Marissa out bike riding, so I don't have my usual chatterbox next to me. Haha! Arianna isn't sleeping (she only sleeps once every few weeks lately) but she's playing quietly in her room, and Roman isn't sleeping (he only sleeps once or twice a week - boo!), but he's calm and happy to play in his bed with his stuffed animals for now. I really wish he took naps more regularly, because once K is born, I'm really going to need them (for him AND me!). At least he's good at keeping himself happy, just like he always has been.

I think since everyone's occupied, I'll see if I can check something off my big list before I get too tired today!
(Yesterday Marissa tried to copy my use of the word "occupy" and ended up saying "octopi" instead!)