Thursday, March 4, 2010

Arianna turned 1 on February 24th. Marissa took this picture of us when we got back from Arianna's well check-up:

Arianna weighed in at 17lbs 13oz (3oz heavier than Marissa at 1 year) and was 30.25 inches tall. She is in the 80th percentile for height, and 3rd-5th percentile for weight. I mentioned some concerns about her eating (or lack thereof) and her pooping (or lack thereof), but she wasn't concerned about her weight at all (like they were about Marissa at this age) - guess they can tell I make skinny-minis now!

I also expressed concern over her sleeping (or lack thereof), and how she wakes up at night still, quite often. Here is how that part of the conversation went:

Me: "She's been waking up several times in the night, sometimes every hour."
Dr: "What do you do then?"
Me: "I go in and put her back down with her blanket."
Dr: "What does she do if you let her cry?"
Me: "I don't."
Dr: "You should. It's best for her development."
Me: "I won't."

BLARGH! Why does everyone seem to think THEY have the answers, and that it's surprising that babies are ATTACHED to their parents? Why is it a BAD thing for a baby to be attached to their parents?More on this later...

Anways, the rest of her appointment went fine, and the doctor noticed that she had to write in that Arianna was walking at her 9 month appointment, since it wasn't even on the developmental check-list. I was a little worried when she asked about Arianna's language, since she only had one word ("uh-oh"), but just in the short week since then, Arianna's suddenly decided to babble on about anything and everything, and even say "Mamamamamamama" over and over again. So my worries are gone - although I'm still convinced she's going to talk SLOW because there's never a quiet moment around here.

Speaking of Marissa, we were driving to my work the other day, and I told her she didn't have to talk the whole time in the car (like she obviously was). She could listen to music, look out the window, or just think about things. Her response? "I can't hold my talk in!" That about sums up her life philosophy!

Dan's parents came to visit for the weekend, and we had a little celebration for Arianna's birthday. Nothing huge, but it was fun. The menu for her party consisted of food she ACTUALLY eats: homemade pizza, homemade mac & cheese, and corn. To fulfill the requirement of getting her hooked on chocolate, I made from scratch chocolate cupcakes and topped them with from scratch icing - MMmmmmmmm! There is just NOTHING better than homemade desserts! "Her" main present was a new car seat, although she can't ride in for another 6+ months when she's 20lbs (Marissa didn't hit 20lbs til 18 months). So for now Arianna is using Marissa's old one, still rear facing. And Marissa is in the new one, which will last either girl forever - it turns into a booster that goes up to 100lbs. So Arianna didn't have many presents to open, but both sets of her grandparents gave her a few gifts to open. However, I think she only ripped the wrapping paper once! She preferred to watch Marissa do it, and Marissa was fine with that! Arianna really enjoyed playing with the bows, and I managed to stick one on her head for most of the present time. She got some adorable dresses from my parents, and a Sesame Street play house and Little People princess blocks from Dan's parents. Marissa is thoroughly enjoying "teaching" Arianna how to play with them - and Arianna enjoys running off with all the characters!

Yesterday, I got up early to take both girls to get Arianna's picture taken at Olan Mills - we had to get there when they opened at 10 because we were a walk-in (YES, that is EARLY for us to be out and about!). So we went to the one closest to us, and as we were walking towards the studio, I saw a man in there and realized that we would need a miracle to get successful pictures. Arianna is TERRIFIED of men, even men she knows! Anyways, I figured we'd at least try it, since the pictures were going to be free (birthday package). So we went into the studio, and I tried to put her down. Suddenly, BOTH girls were crying and clinging to me desperately. I knew the guy (he took Marissa's 3 year pics), and knew he was nice, so I just told him it was nothing to do with him, but I knew it wasn't going to work. I tried valiantly, but it didn't happen. So we packed up to go to a different Olan Mills where I knew there was a girl working.

As we were getting our coats back on, and I was apologizing, he said something to the effect of "You know it's your own fault right? She's spoiled and wants you!" I agreed with him, and said that it was fine with me that she act like this at her age! I just couldn't believe he said that. Is it SO WRONG to have your child prefer you over a stranger? Is it so wrong to have your child be scared of strangers/strange men? Is it so wrong that I want her to feel loved and safe in my arms ALL THE TIME?! I feel this same way when people talk about letting their babies cry to sleep. Maybe some people can do it (don't get offended, I'm just venting), but to me it feels like I'm abandoning her! It feels like "Mommy knows I'm upset, and she's ignoring me. She doesn't care why I'm sad!" That will never be the answer for me, no matter how horribly my babies sleep (and I think I got a good example with Arianna!).

[stepping down from soapbox]

I am SO ready for a relaxing weekend. I will only have a little work to do (it's their slow period at the beginning of the month), and I'm looking forward to having some quiet time (ha, I guess I mean after Marissa goes to bed!). The girls are I are going to a birthday party for one of Marissa's friends on Saturday, and other than that, we have NOTHING to do! My sister is coming in a few weeks, so I'm going to make time to clear off all the clean laundry that's on the bed she wants to sleep in. It's so nice to have an entire bed free for laundry folding, but it usually just doesn't get folded!

Well, Marissa just woke up from nap (I think she actually slept today, instead of just stay in her bed quietly), so I'm going to cuddle my oldest!