Monday, July 25, 2016

Playing catch-up on funny kid quotes

9/1/15 Arianna
"I had the weirdest dream. It was a stormy night, and it was raining - of course. And someone was IN LOVE with me! And he was like 2 or 3 years old and he kept trying to kiss me on the cheek!"
Did you love him back?
"Well he had 3000 moms and 10 dads and 3000 grandmas and 2 grandpas"
So did you love him back?
"Not so much"

K: "Mommy my butt hurts"
Me (dubious she knows what that is): "Oh really? Where is it?"
K: points to butt with middle finger

Me: why is there a sock in your toy bus?
K: the ponies are cold!

1/3/16 I was telling Arianna that the ham was frozen. This is Karina's reaction: "Frozen? Let it go?!"

"Mommy, I need a tissue. Me bless-you-ed" -K

Wednesday night at church Karina saw a smart car and gasped and said "baby car!"

Should I be worried if Karina is "napping" and I hear squeaky crib springs, then "Blast off!...I'm doing it!"

"Mommy, why didn't God make skunks fake?" -R

We were just talking about American Idol, I was explaining it, then why they can't watch it. So I said they're "not kid songs" on the show. So Marissa said "so they sing songs like 'oh, the god Buddha is truuuuue'"

"Me need water. I need water" -K

K is pretending with ponies and they are arguing "yes me am! No me not!"

"I just freaked out!"
"The grape has a freckle!" ~K (2 year olds are hilarious)

"Do you know what personal space is?"
"Yes, but it's boring!" ~Arianna

"My future self is way smarter than my past self, even if it's only by 30 minutes" ~Marissa, reviewing Timeline for Classical Conversations Memory Master.

"I ayowda sing!" Karina's new argument ("I allowed to sing!") When other siblings don't want her to sing frozen songs over and over and over

"Me not need pants!" -Karina

Dan: Rarity (a pony) lights up and is pretty like you!
K: Me not light up!

K keeps leaving my room, then peeking in the door. R is cuddling with me and every time she peeks in he asks her to cuddle with us. finally he just asked her "why do you keep popping in without an answer?"

K is helping me. I asked her how it's going. "Super great! Not a little bit very well."

Cuddling in my bed with Karina this morning after waking up too early, I heard a big wistful sigh, then "I wish I had a bess (dress)"

Karina: "I have a be-ess!" So excited to wear a dress on Sunday that she turned it into two syllables.
K just put her hands on my face and said "you're the best mom ever"  Whether or not she knows what she said, it was adorable.

"Me got a big big problem. No Bretts here and no little mermaids here." (Brett is a babysitter who played Ariel in the little mermaid play we saw a few weeks ago) -K

I was just telling A about my friend Megan's birthday coming up. And she asked "does she use ACT to clean her teeth" and M finished for her "Megan doesn't know that coffee breaks down tooth enamel. Thankfully she uses ACT restoring mouth wash!" (from a commercial)

K just fell and hurt her butt. She cried & cuddled for a while and I said "I'm sorry" to her. She said "it's not your fault, it's the blue thing" (the bucket she fell on)

K was climbing on a chair with slats at the rec center and her foot started to fall in between. She suddenly whined "this not going well!" in a panic.

Just painted A's nails. She chose gold. Her exclamation when they were done "there's gold in them there fingers!"

I handed K her ketchup at dinner and she said "way to go on timing" cuz she had just gotten a fry out! Lol

K, about to try,  "Potty here I come!"
I told her to put her shorts on,  "Shorts it is!"
7/23/16 Karina at M's 1st soccer practice of the season
"Soccer is my not favorite"
"I wanna go in the car. It's scary here. It has ants and flies. And the car doesn't have ants and flies."
"They're practicing soccer long long long long long long time so them is done!"

For my own memory, here are a few things going on lately:

  • My sister Rachel just had her first baby last week. Alana had a great first few days, then started having seizures. She's in the local children's hospital NICU and they're still trying to figure out what exactly is going on. My parents are here visiting, and we've all been at the hospital on and off. Rachel and Jared are staying near the hospital for now. So overwhelming and scary!
  • We got hardwood-looking laminate flooring put down on our entire first floor. It was such a pain! But it looks gorgeous and I love it!
  • The 3 big kids just finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons and are all finally getting pretty good!
  • We've had our house on the market for about a month. We had a few showings early on, but nothing in a while, which is discouraging. I have several houses I'm in love with, but we can't make a move on anything til we sell our house! We're not planning to move far, I would just love a little more space!
  • The school year is starting soon, and I'm going to be a Classical Conversations tutor for a young Foundations class. I'm a little nervous about the music and science experiments, but I think it'll be fun once I get into the swing of things!
  • M will be starting 5th grade, A will be starting 2nd grade, R will be starting Kindergarten, and K is about to turn 3. I took the crib down last month and put it on the curb. It's the end of babies for us. It's very bittersweet. Babies and toddlers are my favorite. But I feel like I have my hands full, and look forward to doing fun things with the kids as they get older.