Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things to remember - early 2014

-How Roman wants to cuddle all the time, especially at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bed time
-Arianna says "You Nork" instead of New York
-When Roman is scared, he says "Mommy, I scary!"
-The way Karina softly rubs my belly, arm, and chin and holds my finger while she nurses
-The intimate chats Marissa and I have while I wash her hair
-How Roman keeps informing me that I "*gasp* have a big bottom" and he has a "yittle" bottom
-How Roman says the plural of some things: "mouth-iz" "wolf-iz"
-How Roman can't say the sss sound, but only sometimes: "horry"= sorry, "hissors"= scissors, "webhite"= website, "mommy, can we watch hid the hience kid?"
-Slushy = "flushie" (R)
-Arianna, after getting a giant push on the swings: "That, like, really freaked me out!"
-"Is today March twenty-tooth?" -A
-Karina is 7 months old now! She was rolling around the living room and suddenly sat up again! She's not sleeping well, but is finally slowly eating more solids.
-Arianna said "I triple pegasus promise!"