Monday, May 25, 2009

3 months?!?

Wow, yesterday Arianna was 3 months old! It's crazy how fast these 3 months have gone. It feels like we were just in the hospital! It's so amazing how much they learn and grow in these first few months:
  • She is a rolling fool already, and yesterday she took a nap on her belly! She put herself to sleep by sucking her fingers, then woke up for a little while to eat, then I put her on her back on her mat to play while I did dishes. Next thing I know, I look over to check on her, and she is on her belly, sound asleep!
  • She is the smiliest, happiest, most pleasant baby in the world. She smiles at everyone at church, and is just as pleasant in the nursery (or so they tell me). She put herself to sleep there this morning, and they haven't had to call my pager yet!
  • She is finally going longer in between feedings, although if we're just at home, I still usually feed her every hour or so (but she doesn't eat as much each time). Sundays, she goes 2+ hours all morning, and is totally fine. Lol, I know that seems lame, but I still don't care since she STILL sleeps 11pm-8, 9, or 10am! Straight through, no waking up! I will NOT mess with something that is working so wonderfully for all of us!
  • She can raise her head up so high when she's on her belly. It's so weird to look over and see her being so interactive with Marissa and her toys! She lights up when she sees my face, but she is even more excited every time Marissa looks her way or talks to her. I can't wait to see how they play together in the coming years!
  • I don't know how much she weighs (I'll have to check sometime on our scale at home), but she is growing! Some 3 month clothes are tight on her, which is so weird for me since Marissa was always so tiny! I have a feeling she's going to grow out of all Marissa's summer clothes long before it's time for warmer outfits!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday night

Yes, I've been slacking. There's not really much new these days. But I assume eventually I'll get into a more regular routine of posting. For now, sporadic is the best you'll get

Dan and Ris are at church. Arianna is laying on the changing mat, on the floor. I was nursing her when I heard her start pooping, so she's laying there, stripped, until she's done. She likes to oooooze all over her clothes. And I don't like to clean that up. Lol.

It's absolutely gorgeous outside. Dan and I have disagreeing views on beautiful weather. It makes him want to live in Florida or somewhere that's nice all the time. But it makes me appreciate it even more when we have to go through miserable winters before the warm summer! There's just something about warmth after yucky weather that makes me happy and in a good mood!

Marissa's doing well. Still doing awesome going potty! She does have this problem though: the second we walk into Meijer, she has to go! Even if she just went at home, or she hasn't gone in a while, or it's the first store we go to, or we've been out for a's ridiculous! Lol. She does this "ribbit-ribbit" jumping thing to Arianna that makes Arianna crack up laughing! It's so cute! We've finally been able to go outside and play on her swings and slide (since it stopped raining all the time), and she LOVES it. She squeals and "weeeeheeeeee"s the entire time! It's hard to find something to do with Arianna when we're out there though. I've put her in my Babyhawk Mei Tai carrier a few times, and she likes to nap in that. But she really hates how bright the sun is, and hats are just annoying.

Arianna is still sleeping all night. The other day it was 11 hours! I love when she sleeps til 8:30 or 9, but any later and it just about kills me. This morning she woke up at 6:15, nursed, then fell back asleep til 10:30! This girl loves to sleep! Her afternoon nap today was from 2-6:30. She sleeps for HUGE chunks, but then is awake for most of the rest of the day. She is so happy and smiley and laughing. She's also been sucking her fingers/thumb a lot lately. She doesn't want to nurse for comfort as much anymore, but she loves to suck her fingers, and she fell asleep three times yesterday to sucking on them! She's just so content all the time - she's definitely just as "low maintenance" as Marissa was! Which makes her really easy to enjoy!

I got the sheet music to the two lullabies from the Twilight movie - beautiful piano pieces! I just wish I could still play like I used to. Maybe these songs will inspire me to get back at it though...

Well, I think Arianna is done pooping. Lol. So I'll go change her now. Ewwww...

Here's a picture I took after I took the girls to get a free portrait done at Sears:

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well, I was gonna say it's so hard to post with 2 kids and a house to take care of. Then I remembered why I skipped my weekly "Wednesday night while Dan and Marissa are at church" post: I got sucked into Twilight! Neither of us had read the books, but we were bored one night so we decided to rent the movie. Turns out we both really enjoyed it, and decided to read the books too. Dan read them all one week, and I read them all this past week. I didn't do anything else all week! The girls got dressed and fed, and that's about the only thing that got done around here! It was ridiculous! I really really liked all the books, and that annoyed me since I'm a mature adult and all. Lol. Oh well, now that I finished them, I can get back to regular life and my girls!

Dan and Marissa are gone right now - for some odd reason they needed Dan at work (45 minutes away!) to check on some computer update on a SATURDAY! He only has to be there for about 10 minutes, but since it's such a long drive, it's really annoying. At least they are paying him gas mileage to drive there, and for his meal since it's during dinnertime. But Marissa is always asking to visit Daddy's work (we used to often, since it used to be 5 minutes away), so they went together and she has a free Sonic meal coupon for her birthday so I think that's where they're eating dinner. So it's really quiet here, especially since Arianna's still taking her looooooooooooooong afternoon nap (usually 2:30-7:30ish). Boy, this girl knows how to sleep! Last night she slept for 10 hours straight, again! And I even woke her up for my sake (that is waaaaaaay too long to go without nursing - even though she does it often, it's not consistent so I'm not prepared for it!). I'm really enjoying all the sleep (except for this week, since I stayed up late every night reading those stupid books!). She is still a very easy baby. Most mornings, she enjoys playing on her Baby Einstein mat, and will often just fall asleep there whenever she's tired. She still nurses a lot, and that's still fine with me! She smiles allllllllllll the time, and is starting to laugh and giggle and I love it so much! Her first laughs were at Marissa pretending to eat her cuz she was so cozy and cuddly. They both adore each other, and it's so fun to watch Marissa's little "mommy" instincts and imitations throughout the day.

Marissa is definitely a 3 year old these days. While she's still far better than most 3 year olds I've met (and I've babysat my fair share of them!), it's incredibly frustrating to have her attitude to deal with. She sat in time out for 25 minutes the other day, because everytime I said "if you do that again, time out will be longer" she did it again! She's still so helpful though, and absolutely hysterical to talk with (when I'm not going out of my mind from talking/listening to whys and hows and whatd you say?s). Yesterday at dinner, she got all excited and said "Mommy, there's penguins in our garden!" because there were geese in the field behind our house! Today in the car (during the non-stop conversation!) she was asking me to make her a cape. She still watches Super Why sometimes, and pretends that her kiddie kitchen towel is her Super Why cape. I thought I could probably whip up something that resembled a cape better than her kitchen towel (and that stayed on better) so I told her I would try sometime. Then she said that she'd be able to fly if someone would help her learn how. I told her people can't fly, and she told me that Super Why can fly! I just hated to burst her bubble that a cape would not make her be able to fly because she honestly believed that it would!

I think that's probably long enough for an update. I don't think we're doing anything special for Mother's Day tomorrow, but Dan made a yummy breakfast this morning that I requested. I'll just make sure he gets the majority of diapering/pottying duties for the girls tomorrow