Monday, May 25, 2009

3 months?!?

Wow, yesterday Arianna was 3 months old! It's crazy how fast these 3 months have gone. It feels like we were just in the hospital! It's so amazing how much they learn and grow in these first few months:
  • She is a rolling fool already, and yesterday she took a nap on her belly! She put herself to sleep by sucking her fingers, then woke up for a little while to eat, then I put her on her back on her mat to play while I did dishes. Next thing I know, I look over to check on her, and she is on her belly, sound asleep!
  • She is the smiliest, happiest, most pleasant baby in the world. She smiles at everyone at church, and is just as pleasant in the nursery (or so they tell me). She put herself to sleep there this morning, and they haven't had to call my pager yet!
  • She is finally going longer in between feedings, although if we're just at home, I still usually feed her every hour or so (but she doesn't eat as much each time). Sundays, she goes 2+ hours all morning, and is totally fine. Lol, I know that seems lame, but I still don't care since she STILL sleeps 11pm-8, 9, or 10am! Straight through, no waking up! I will NOT mess with something that is working so wonderfully for all of us!
  • She can raise her head up so high when she's on her belly. It's so weird to look over and see her being so interactive with Marissa and her toys! She lights up when she sees my face, but she is even more excited every time Marissa looks her way or talks to her. I can't wait to see how they play together in the coming years!
  • I don't know how much she weighs (I'll have to check sometime on our scale at home), but she is growing! Some 3 month clothes are tight on her, which is so weird for me since Marissa was always so tiny! I have a feeling she's going to grow out of all Marissa's summer clothes long before it's time for warmer outfits!


Jillian said...

She sounds like the perfect baby!

Drew and Kristin said...

Hey Stacy - yep, we live in Troy. I actually grew up in Troy. I know you guys are in the Dayton area - what town?