Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer 2015

"Mommy, don't look now but on her birthday your baby is about to be a toddler" -Arianna about Karina
"Mommy, do you wanna play soccer with me?"
"Yes, Roman, I'd love to play soccer with you!" (never thought I'd say that!)
Arianna prayed to ask Jesus in her heart.
8/7/15 - Karina is 23 months, but acting so much older!
Last night was bath night, but I left around 7 for my Mother's Day mani/pedi (finally). Karina was kinda sad so I snuck out. This morning when she woke up, she snuggled with me for a bit then said "Mommy! Daddy did bath me!"
After breakfast Roman was in the bathroom for a bit then came out. She said "Min done bafroom?"
(She says Min for Roman, Nyanna for Arianna, Sha-sha for Marissa, and Me for Karina lol)

Today we started school! Marissa started 4th grade, Arianna started 1st grade (but 2nd grade math), Roman is continuing Pre-K, and Karina is just our distraction! We'll start slowly, since CC (Classical Conversations) doesn't start up for another 2 weeks. This will be an interesting year with Marissa starting the Essentials program through CC, and Roman joining the girls learning Foundations Cycle 1 material. Hopefully we can find a routine and get into a good rhythm, because so far today was rough! We didn't spend a ton of time on schoolwork today, mainly just introduced the books, and talked about the plan for the year. After lunch, the big 3 had book time, and now they are working on typing lessons. Roman had his first typing lesson, which was funny because he's still learning his letters haha. Once CC and Essentials start, we'll be working a lot harder and longer each day, especially Marissa and I in the afternoon doing Essentials.