Tuesday, April 22, 2008


$94 at Macy's, on sale for 50%+20% or something like that, ended up being $37! Perhaps a bit overwhelming, but I LOVE it!

Friday, April 18, 2008


  • Could someone please explain to me the current ridiculous fad of spring jackets-COATS with 3/4 length sleeves??? I mean, what next? Short sleeved winter coats? Example: here - WHY??? All I want is a cute jacket that I can wear over my long-sleeved light-weight shirts for all this warmer-but-still-cool weather! I have looked in every store I can think of! I DARE YOU to find me a cute spring jacket under $75 with long sleeves. Oh, that's the other thing - why do they cost $100, when you don't even get full sleeves?

  • You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much lately. Let me tell you why. When we moved here, and started finishing the basement, all our computers were put down there to use. You might remember that it was difficult for me to get time down there because it wasn't safe for Marissa to play down there. So Dan brought home a laptop from work (he sometimes has to work at home, so they provided it for that reason), and I've been using that as my computer since we moved. Well, a few months ago, the power cord started slowing dying, and there has never been any battery left on this old thing. So once the cord officially was useless, Dan and Timmy took the laptop completely apart, and installed another power-cord-hole (whatever it's called) to make the cord start working again. It's not an exact match to this computer, but it has worked fine. Well, within the past month, it stopped working fine. It can be fine, all plugged in, and just sitting there, no one touching it, when all of a sudden, it unplugs. Which, with no battery, will all of a sudden make the computer turn itself off. So I'm usually right in the middle of something, and then I have to completely restart the computer. Needless to say, this is definitely NOT ideal, and actually ticks me off pretty good. I've been known to slam the laptop shut (I know, since it's such a quality piece of equipment, I should probably be more careful - lol), and the other night I almost threw it out our back window. So that's why you don't, and won't, see me on here very often. Once the basement is finished (and we are getting close! The bedroom and bathroom will be completely done by this weekend, except for carpet!) I will be able to get on my real computer, and let Marissa play in her playroom! YAY! But in the meantime, I'm probably trying desperately to read your site, only to have to restart my computer every 3 sentences.

I guess that's all of the venting. Work is still going pretty well. We have been able to go outside and take long walks, since the weather has been so awesome. And it's great. It wears the kids out, and makes the time go faster. Next weekend, Dan's parents and my parents are all coming out here for Marissa's 2nd birthday party!!! I can't believe it! I've been working hard at finishing all the painting in the basement, and my back is still killing me! Next week I will be busy cleaning and getting everything ready for the party weekend. So the next time I post, I'll probably be a mother of a 2-year old! Don't worry though, Marissa has been getting in LOTS of practice as a 2-year old!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The best/worst word in the toddler language, and other random tidbits

Marissa and H (at work, 5 months older than Rissa) sit across from each other for lunch, each in separate toddler seats. The other day, I was in the kitchen getting their lunches together, and I could hear them in the dining room:

Marissa: Mine!
H: No, mine!
Marissa: No, mine!
H: No, mine!

I peeked around the corner, confused, because what could they be fighting over? They were simply yelling at each other over nothing. Lol. And they were both grinning and giggling at the same time.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

I think I've finally found a "referee" technique that works. It actually works pretty well too, since H and Marissa are so close in age, and they generally understand things at about the same level. H always wants whatever toy Marissa happens to grab first, so it's "Marissa's turn" until she puts it down. They are not allowed to take a toy out of the others' hands. Either ask or wait til they're done. Same goes for Marissa. And the baby, M, as well (Well, I mean when H or Rissa wants something she's playing with, obviously not the other way around. Lol). So a kid will pick up something they want to play with, the other kid will scream across the room "MINE" and start running to retreive prized possesion, and before they even get there to smack down the other kid for said toy, I will stop them and remind them that it will be their turn when the other kid puts the toy down. Phew! I've always struggled when it comes to sharing toys between toddlers and how much/if at all to intervene. But I think this method is best for my sanity (less punching and pushing from the agressor - not Marissa by the way) and it's easy to be consistent, even if it's against my own daughter.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Friday night, Dan, Jeremy, Timmy, and I went to a Skillet concert. Wow. Kinda left me speechless. I'm not really sure why I agreed to go, maybe because Dan specifically asked me to. Anyways, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely not what happened! The two bands who opened for Skillet were really, um, hardcore? I don't even know how to describe them. Not really my type of music. But somehow I really enjoyed the night. It was waaaaay too loud (aren't all concerts that way?) and we had to stand most of the time, but I forgot how much I like the bass boom in music. Lol. But I don't think I'd go again if I knew what I was in store for. And it probably would have helped if I had known any songs by any of the bands. Lol.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Rach and I primed the basement room (that Dan and Jeremy finished drywalling) yesterday. And today my back is painfully spazzing like crazy. Not a good sign. Especially since we need to finish priming tonight, and then we still have to actually paint it soon too. I am definitely a wimp. But it was sooooo fun to paint! I can't wait to paint the rest of our house!

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

Anybody ever had Jamaican Jerk steak? On our honeymoon to St. Lucia, we ate at one of the restaurants at the resort almost every night, and I got the same thing every time - Jamaican Jerk pitas. Since then, we've been obsessed with that seasoning. We bought some down there to bring back with us, and it was just as good, but since that ran out, like 2 years ago, we've sadly missed it! We've tried numerous different bottles of "Jerk" seasoning from every store, but nothing even came close. Well, Dan found a recipe from a cooking show (don't ask, his thing, not mine!) and we tried it last week and it was complete heaven! It was the best steak I've ever had, and it was soooooo yummy and sooooo spicy - just perfect! And I'm not usually a steak person. But now I'm begging him to make it all the time! YUM!

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

I guess that's all for now. I have Wednesday and Thursday off from work, and I'm excited. The weather here is finally WONDERFUL and SPRINGY! And that just makes the world a better place! Haha. So I can't wait to take Marissa outside to enjoy it. We went outside this morning, while the baby was sleeping, and H and Marissa ran all over their yard. But there wasn't much to do, so I'll have to figure something out. Also, if the baby isn't sleeping (or can nap in a stroller - need to ask) I want to take some walks around their neighborhood. It's really nice, and has an old charm to it. But I need tips on keeping both toddlers from racing into the road or a mile ahead of me with a stroller! Should be interesting, at least they both listen pretty well, and I expect it to only get better with time.

Wow, Marissa slept for 2.5 hours at naptime! Wooohooo!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music and stuff

If my life was were could be a musical, I'd want the soundtrack to be the soundtrack from The Holiday. I love that movie, but the music in it just makes it 10x better. More dramatic. More emotional. Happier. Sadder. Better.

So I know us "young folk" are supposed to be all about new technology, but I must admit that even though Dan has an iPod, I didn't get one until Tuesday. I did not buy it, but a friend (Thanks Timmy!) gave it to me, since he no longer used it. After spending forever trying to figure out iTunes, I finally filled it up with my music and listened to it for the first time last night. I had forgotten how great music is. I used to listen to music allllllllll the time. But since getting married, living in a small apartment, and having Marissa, and especially with all the changes music has gone through in my lifetime (tapes, cds, now mp3s), I haven't listened to music (other than in the car) in years! Last night I listened to so many songs I hadn't heard in ages, and realized I need to get back into listening to music. It's so amazing to me that I can hear a song I haven't heard in 8 years, and still know all the words, all the melody/harmonies, and even the random background vocals! Lol. If you know me, you know I have the WORST memory possible, without actually having a disease. But I can still remember song lyrics from high school. I'm sure I'm not the only person this applies to, which makes it even more impressive that the human mind can contain so much, even if it is useless song lyrics!

In other news, I know I haven't been updating as often as I should. I've just been busy I guess. I work every day 9-1, so when I get home, I put Marissa to sleep and take some time for myself. Or do dishes. Lol. Lately Marissa's been pushing her naptime from 1:30 when we get home, to 2:30 today. I don't know if it's because she almost falls asleep in the car, then wakes up too much to fall back asleep right away. Or if she's just getting older and not needing a nap as early. But she's been babbling for 40 minutes, then whining for 5, then starts crying, so I have to go up and re-start the nap routine to get her back on track. It's pretty pitiful to watch/listen to her cry so hard for "down" when I know she just needs to lay down and she'll crash. Several days in a row, when I went back up, she got so mad that she just wouldn't lay down. I always ask her if she wants her blanket on, and she said no. But as soon as I would go to leave, she'd get hysterical because she wanted her blanket on! Too funny. At least she's still eventually sleeping. Thank heavens she's not in a big girl bed yet, so I can keep her contained in her crib!

On top of still being at a new job with Marissa, I have had a stupid cold/allergies for almost a week now. It's really getting old. My poor nose and throat are just killing me. Marissa has had a stuffy/runny nose too, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. I've also been waking up with a stiff neck all week, I think because I've been carrying a baby around a lot at work, and I'm not used to that. Ouch. But work is as fun as work can be I guess. Marissa and H have so much fun together, when they're not fighting "MINE!!!" over any toy they see. Lol. Today at lunch, they were buckled in separate seats across the table from each other, and I still heard "MINE!" "NO MINE!" over and over while I made lunch. But they really play well most of the time. H has already learned a few of my rules, and although he doesn't always follow them, he always remembers the second I say something. I've been having trouble getting the baby, M, down for a nap the past few days, so she ends up sleeping in her swing. I know the mom doesn't care, but I really hope it doesn't start to become a habit, because it's annoying!

The other day I went shopping at Target. Definitely one of my weaknesses. Especially for Marissa. But she genuinely needed a spring jacket and a bathing suit, among other things, so here is what she got:

Two-pieces are necessary for her, since I have to buy it for waist size, instead of height. Lol. And I also expect to be potty training this summer. I was also looking for a spring jacket for myself, but didn't find A THING! In Kohl's, the only spring jackets they had were $100! The jacket I got Marissa also comes in khaki, and I really just want the same one in my size! Do you think OshKosh will help me out at all? Lol.

Well, Marissa woke up. Rachel (my sis who lives with us) is making dinner tonight (YAY!) so I just need to do some dishes. And I really need to go get my bloodwork done. I was supposed to have it taken 3 months after the last time (sometime after my miscarriage in December), and 3 months was the beginning of March. Oooops! Hopefully I'll have time today, and will finally stop forgetting!