Friday, April 18, 2008


  • Could someone please explain to me the current ridiculous fad of spring jackets-COATS with 3/4 length sleeves??? I mean, what next? Short sleeved winter coats? Example: here - WHY??? All I want is a cute jacket that I can wear over my long-sleeved light-weight shirts for all this warmer-but-still-cool weather! I have looked in every store I can think of! I DARE YOU to find me a cute spring jacket under $75 with long sleeves. Oh, that's the other thing - why do they cost $100, when you don't even get full sleeves?

  • You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much lately. Let me tell you why. When we moved here, and started finishing the basement, all our computers were put down there to use. You might remember that it was difficult for me to get time down there because it wasn't safe for Marissa to play down there. So Dan brought home a laptop from work (he sometimes has to work at home, so they provided it for that reason), and I've been using that as my computer since we moved. Well, a few months ago, the power cord started slowing dying, and there has never been any battery left on this old thing. So once the cord officially was useless, Dan and Timmy took the laptop completely apart, and installed another power-cord-hole (whatever it's called) to make the cord start working again. It's not an exact match to this computer, but it has worked fine. Well, within the past month, it stopped working fine. It can be fine, all plugged in, and just sitting there, no one touching it, when all of a sudden, it unplugs. Which, with no battery, will all of a sudden make the computer turn itself off. So I'm usually right in the middle of something, and then I have to completely restart the computer. Needless to say, this is definitely NOT ideal, and actually ticks me off pretty good. I've been known to slam the laptop shut (I know, since it's such a quality piece of equipment, I should probably be more careful - lol), and the other night I almost threw it out our back window. So that's why you don't, and won't, see me on here very often. Once the basement is finished (and we are getting close! The bedroom and bathroom will be completely done by this weekend, except for carpet!) I will be able to get on my real computer, and let Marissa play in her playroom! YAY! But in the meantime, I'm probably trying desperately to read your site, only to have to restart my computer every 3 sentences.

I guess that's all of the venting. Work is still going pretty well. We have been able to go outside and take long walks, since the weather has been so awesome. And it's great. It wears the kids out, and makes the time go faster. Next weekend, Dan's parents and my parents are all coming out here for Marissa's 2nd birthday party!!! I can't believe it! I've been working hard at finishing all the painting in the basement, and my back is still killing me! Next week I will be busy cleaning and getting everything ready for the party weekend. So the next time I post, I'll probably be a mother of a 2-year old! Don't worry though, Marissa has been getting in LOTS of practice as a 2-year old!

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Jillian said...

Aren't computers so annoying? That laptop situation sounds like a total pain. I don't think I would bother going near it either!

I can't believe your girl is almost 2. Insane! It's got to be kind of emotional for you! Enjoy all of your family. I hope the birthday celebrations go well for you all:-)