Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is a test post from an app in my new fancy phone. Tomorrow is Arianna's 2nd birthday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

One thumb typing

Well, I am sitting on my bed, typing with one finger on the iPod Touch while Arianna finishes her nap on my lap. So this will probably be short!

The kids are healthy now, after a random bout with fevers. I'm FINALLY almost better, after being sick on and off since December. I'm taking one final round of antibiotics, hoping to kill it once and for all. Roman slept for 8 hours straight the other night, but hasn't repeated that miracle. However, he's consistently sleeping 3 hour chunks now, which is still MUCH better than the 1.5 hours he was doing. He's still awesome at nursing, and refuses to take a bottle, despite the huge amount of milk stored in the freezer. He smiles so easily now, and I'm loving it. He smiles at the girls too, and even loves when Arianna "smothers" him with kisses every .2 milliseconds!

Arianna is finally recovering and becoming a joy to live with after a few months of hysterics. Right now I'm working on reducing her nursing time, because it was just getting too much for me. I think if I didn't have Roman, I wouldn't mind it as much. But she's so obsessed with it, that I had to do something. She used to nurse for literally 2 hours at a time. Especially after her nap, when the other kids didn't need my attention. She'd fall back asleep during that time, but freak out if I took her off. So now I set a timer for 5 minutes, and she knows that when it goes off, she has to be done. She's started hugging and cuddling more, which is how she's asleep on my lap right now. She's so sweet.

Marissa is basically not napping anymore, and thinks it's awesome. Yesterday she finished her "schoolwork" as "homework" on her room (she asked to!). I've finally gotten back to doing school with her, now that I'm starting to feel like a human again. She's doing great with her writing letters and numbers. We're finishing up a few more basic concepts, and them we'll start some basic reading skills. I'm unsure right now about her schooling in the fall. I'd prefer to send her to a Christian school, but there aren't really any close by, and we definitely can't afford them anyways. The district we're in is not that great, but the others that are open to us are kinda far away. I'd always planned on homeschooling, but it's starting to make me nervous. Arianna is SO high maintenance, and who knows how Roman will turn out. I don't want to deprive Marissa of the quality of schooling she deserves. I know we need to make a decision very soon, I just don't know what to do. I'm temper to give our school district a shot, at least temporarily, and see how it goes. Dan doesn't think it's that bad, but I don't know!

Oh man, my thumb is getting really tired from typing one-fingered! I think I'll wrap up for today. Tomorrow we're going to my friend Susan's house so we can visit and my girls can play with her daughter. Saturday night we're dropping the girls off at church for a parent's night out, but we don't have any plans yet! And sometime soon we'll be going to Bravo for our 10th (is that even possible?!) Valentine's together. That will be our 10th V-day at Bravo too. Yum! Arianna turns 2 Feb. 24th - can't believe it! Big girl bed for her soon (we tried last week - no way!). Marissa turns 5 April 29th and we're going to surprise her by letting her get her ears pierced - she's been begging forever! I'm so excited for her!

Ok, my pinky is numb. That's all for now!