Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So close!

Well, we had our pre-settlement walk-through of our house - it's all done! I went back Monday after work to make sure they fixed the few tiny little scratches in the paint. Then on July 30th, the day after we get back from vacation, we close! That week we will be buying a washer, dryer, refrigerator, and oven, and the BIG moving day is the following Saturday! I can't believe it's almost here! Yipeeeeeeeeee!!! Last week when we visited the house Marissa had a blast cuz she could finally walk around and I didn't have to worry about splinters, nails, etc. She ran in circles around the kitchen island!

Last Friday, Rach came with me to watch the triplets and Seth for the evening. She'd be dying to meet them, and we had sooooo much fun! They were all so great with Marissa, and Marissa wanted to hold everyone's hand! Too cute! I forgot how much fun that job was and I miss it!

Great story:
While I'm on the computer during the day, I let Rissa roam around upstairs by herself because it's all baby-proofed. She likes to turn the radio on and dance to music too. Well, Friday morning she woke up at 5:55am, I nursed her back to sleep, and then raced back to bed to catch some more sleep before I had to be up at 7:30 to get ready for the meeting at the house. Well, at 6am, I started hearing weird noises coming through the monitor, and it sounded like heavy breathing. Then I heard Marissa start freaking out and crying pretty hard. So I ran into her room, only to discover that while playing the day before, she had set the "ocean sounds" alarm to go off at 6am. Well, of course after that she wouldn't go back to sleep quickly, so I let her cry for a few minutes, and we both went back to sleep. But then she woke up again at 7, so I nursed her in bed with me, and she fell back asleep, but I didn't. So I put her back in bed, and by that time I had to get up for the day. So I only got 6 hours of sleep all night, because I was up late feeling sick the night before. So after the meeting at the house, I was all excited to get home and put her down for a nap so I could catch up on sleep. But wouldn't you know it, I had to get gas, and there was an accident on my way home, so she fell asleep in the car. Then when we got home, I was going to nurse her back to sleep, cuz sometimes she'll do that. But of course, not this time. So I put a children's show on tv, and curled up on the couch and just let her play for a bit. Next thing I knew I woke up to a loud crash, and she had knocked Rach's laptop off the tv tray (she had been typing on it too apparently, cuz a bunch of windows were up - lol). I know I didn't really sleep long, but for the 3-4 minutes I fell asleep, she certainly managed to get into trouble. Lol. She finally went down for a nap after lunch, and I got an hour of sleep then, but I was really out of it all day! I'm so glad Dan agreed to wake up with Rissa this morning, and let me sleep til 10! It felt sooooo good!

Well, I've been trying to pack for vacation and for moving. We've actually gotten quite a bit done. It's very overwhelming though! I'm still working this week (Monday and Wednesday) then Thursday we leave for vacation! Then when we come back, lots of exciting stuff is happening! I know I haven't been updating as much as usual, but once we get back from vacation and start moving, I'll be back in full swing, I promise!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sleep and food

Well, since I mentioned how Marisas had been taking awesome 2 hour naps lately, she seems to have switched back to the 1 hour double nap thing. Oh well. So I figured I'd try to mess with her night sleeping schedule by bragging about that too. Lol. I still have to nurse her to sleep, which is fine with me. Sometimes if she's stubborn about that, I can cuddle her to sleep instead, and I've been trying to do that more often. But once she's asleep, she sleeps for at least 9 hours straight. She hardly ever wakes up in the night, and if she does, she falls back to sleep immediately after nursing. When she wakes up in the morning, I take her into bed with me, and she nurses half asleep for 15-20 minutes while I wake up more. It's pretty great. Except for the fact that she doesn't go to sleep at night til 10:30-11:00pm. Not exactly sure why, but I still don't think she's quite ready to CIO for an 8pm bedtime. So I guess I'm just a sucker by letting her set her own bedtime. Hehe. Actually, sometimes if she's being really stubborn, I let her cry for 5 mintues or so, and she usually falls asleep pretty quickly. If she doesn't fall asleep within 5 minutes, I try another method. But for now, what we're doing works, and I'm not going to mess with that.

Food, however, is another story. I would like to share with everyone the pickiness of my daughter. The other day this is what I offered her for lunch:
  • peaches
  • green beans
  • pasta/corn/peas (Gerber toddler meal)
  • freeze dried corn
  • yogurt
  • hot dog (tiny pieces)
  • baby cereal (we had it leftover from "baby days")
  • diced ham
  • freeze dried apples
  • cheesy rice cake
  • baby goldfish
  • garlic bread
  • tortilla with chicken salad in it
Wanna know what she actually ate for lunch that day? 5 bites of yogurt. 5. Bites. That's it. She usually loves everything else! Some days I just don't understand. But then we just had peas at dinner the other night, and all of a sudden, she ate TONS of peas! Then the next day refused them again. Anybody understand this? Lol. Seriously, this girl is crazy. But we love her