Thursday, April 3, 2008

Music and stuff

If my life was were could be a musical, I'd want the soundtrack to be the soundtrack from The Holiday. I love that movie, but the music in it just makes it 10x better. More dramatic. More emotional. Happier. Sadder. Better.

So I know us "young folk" are supposed to be all about new technology, but I must admit that even though Dan has an iPod, I didn't get one until Tuesday. I did not buy it, but a friend (Thanks Timmy!) gave it to me, since he no longer used it. After spending forever trying to figure out iTunes, I finally filled it up with my music and listened to it for the first time last night. I had forgotten how great music is. I used to listen to music allllllllll the time. But since getting married, living in a small apartment, and having Marissa, and especially with all the changes music has gone through in my lifetime (tapes, cds, now mp3s), I haven't listened to music (other than in the car) in years! Last night I listened to so many songs I hadn't heard in ages, and realized I need to get back into listening to music. It's so amazing to me that I can hear a song I haven't heard in 8 years, and still know all the words, all the melody/harmonies, and even the random background vocals! Lol. If you know me, you know I have the WORST memory possible, without actually having a disease. But I can still remember song lyrics from high school. I'm sure I'm not the only person this applies to, which makes it even more impressive that the human mind can contain so much, even if it is useless song lyrics!

In other news, I know I haven't been updating as often as I should. I've just been busy I guess. I work every day 9-1, so when I get home, I put Marissa to sleep and take some time for myself. Or do dishes. Lol. Lately Marissa's been pushing her naptime from 1:30 when we get home, to 2:30 today. I don't know if it's because she almost falls asleep in the car, then wakes up too much to fall back asleep right away. Or if she's just getting older and not needing a nap as early. But she's been babbling for 40 minutes, then whining for 5, then starts crying, so I have to go up and re-start the nap routine to get her back on track. It's pretty pitiful to watch/listen to her cry so hard for "down" when I know she just needs to lay down and she'll crash. Several days in a row, when I went back up, she got so mad that she just wouldn't lay down. I always ask her if she wants her blanket on, and she said no. But as soon as I would go to leave, she'd get hysterical because she wanted her blanket on! Too funny. At least she's still eventually sleeping. Thank heavens she's not in a big girl bed yet, so I can keep her contained in her crib!

On top of still being at a new job with Marissa, I have had a stupid cold/allergies for almost a week now. It's really getting old. My poor nose and throat are just killing me. Marissa has had a stuffy/runny nose too, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all. I've also been waking up with a stiff neck all week, I think because I've been carrying a baby around a lot at work, and I'm not used to that. Ouch. But work is as fun as work can be I guess. Marissa and H have so much fun together, when they're not fighting "MINE!!!" over any toy they see. Lol. Today at lunch, they were buckled in separate seats across the table from each other, and I still heard "MINE!" "NO MINE!" over and over while I made lunch. But they really play well most of the time. H has already learned a few of my rules, and although he doesn't always follow them, he always remembers the second I say something. I've been having trouble getting the baby, M, down for a nap the past few days, so she ends up sleeping in her swing. I know the mom doesn't care, but I really hope it doesn't start to become a habit, because it's annoying!

The other day I went shopping at Target. Definitely one of my weaknesses. Especially for Marissa. But she genuinely needed a spring jacket and a bathing suit, among other things, so here is what she got:

Two-pieces are necessary for her, since I have to buy it for waist size, instead of height. Lol. And I also expect to be potty training this summer. I was also looking for a spring jacket for myself, but didn't find A THING! In Kohl's, the only spring jackets they had were $100! The jacket I got Marissa also comes in khaki, and I really just want the same one in my size! Do you think OshKosh will help me out at all? Lol.

Well, Marissa woke up. Rachel (my sis who lives with us) is making dinner tonight (YAY!) so I just need to do some dishes. And I really need to go get my bloodwork done. I was supposed to have it taken 3 months after the last time (sometime after my miscarriage in December), and 3 months was the beginning of March. Oooops! Hopefully I'll have time today, and will finally stop forgetting!


Jillian said...

I'm with you... Isn't it crazy how we can remember every single word to TONS of songs when we can't even remember what we had for dinner last night? It's incredible!

I'm a total sucker for Target too. I spend WAY too much time and money there. I love that place! I've seen that jacket several times and fallen in love with it but I could never justify buying it because Brooke didn't need one.

I can't believe that they wanted 100 bucks for a Spring jacket. Goodness gracious! Try Old Navy... I always have great luck there with things like that.

Work sounds like a lot of... Well, WORK! You must be ready to crash when you get home. I find other people's kids much more exhausting than my own.

Jillian said...

Oh yes, and where did you get that layout?? Is that a Blogger template or is that something else you downloaded? I still haven't figured out how to make my sight pretty:-(

Eva said...

Our kids also seem unphased when they have colds, even though I might have the same one and be miserable.

I love that jacket and bathing suit.