Wednesday, October 15, 2008


With less than 18 weeks to go, Dan and I are starting to worry if we'll ever agree on a girl's name! So I thought I'd ask for some help! Here are some of our guidelines/problems:
  1. First daughter is Marissa so...nothing that rhymes (Alyssa, etc.) and nothing that starts with an "M" (Don't want to name all our future kids with an "M" and I would feel like we needed to if we started the first two that way)
  2. I don't really want a "girly" name (Hailey, Kylie, etc. - It just doesn't fit our family right now)
  3. We would like something somewhat unique, but not crazy/odd
  4. I love simple names
  5. Dan only likes one name, and one name only - Arianna (I like it also, it just doesn't seem to fit for this baby, and it's kinda "girly")*
  6. We've gone through entire alphabetized lists of names, and Dan doesn't like any of the ones I suggest
So get your brains moving, and start listing any and all girl names! Please!!!

*This is the biggest problem. Lol.


Jillian said...

My brother is Jared and I'm Jillian and I don't think my sister, Alison, felt jipped by not having a J. Lol! I see your point though.

I heard a cute name the other day that I really liked... Landry. I thought it was different but classy. It sounds pretty with your last name too! Anyways, just a thought. That's the only unique one I could think up.

GOOD LUCK! If I think of anymore different names I'll let you know.

Tara said...

I have kids, but we had twin b/g and we named her Camryn. I was in the same boat...didn't want anything too girly, but something sort of unique. You don't find too many girl Camryn's and usually spelled Cameron.

PS. Thanks for visiting my bloggy giveaway!

Tara said...

I meant i have "five" kids.....duh, of course I have kids :O)

Martha said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Congratulations on being pregnant! What fun to think of girl names! Hmm..some names I think are super cute but not too "girly" are Emmersyn (Emmerson) or Addison.