Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby business!

Profile shot
Cute foot

3d - she kept putting her hand by her face and messing up the pictures!

Thumb up her nose
Cute fingers
Finally moved her hand, but it was still a little blurry

My ultrasound last week went fine. The placenta is still "globular" and the "cord insertion" is still on the side of the placenta. So I will continue to go back for ultrasound checks about every 4 weeks until she is born or something doesn't check out ok. She is still growing fine, which was their main worry for the weird placenta stuff. She was measuring right on for 26 weeks, and weighed 1 lb 15 oz! I saw her little tongue moving around inside her mouth, and I saw her "inhaling" and "exhaling" fluid. So cute! Then the lady was just learning how to do 3d on that particular ultrasound machine, so she tried it out on me! I never got to see 3d with Marissa, and it was just sooo cool!

Ok, I need some help here, ladies: Dan and I can't agree on how to spell her name! We want it to be pronounced "ar-ee-ah-na." Dan thinks it should be spelled "Ariana" but I really prefer how it looks with two n's "Arianna" - but Dan thinks it will get mispronounced more often if we spell it that way. We could always do something unique like "Arionna" "Ariahnna" or "Ariyhanna" but then Dan suggested that we just throw a silent "q" in there just for fun. Lol. I'm not really into the odd spellings either. So speak up, and speak your mind - I'm asking for honesty here

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