Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday night!

Yay, it's Friday night! Dan was gone on a short overnight trip last night, and I'm so glad he's back. And my parents and Rach are coming tomorrow for a whole week!

Things are going pretty well. I've been getting good chunks of sleep at night, and Marissa still loves helping, etc. But yesterday morning I woke up after almost 7 hours of sleep straight through. Arianna was fine, and nursed when I woke her up, but I was not fine. I ended up on the couch, in tears, all morning, shivering. I called my doctor, and they called in a prescription for me. My friend from church, Alicia, and her kids (ages 4, 3, 2) were coming over for dinner and some playtime (lots of fun for Ris and me, and so nice to have some adult conversation since Dan was gone!), so she picked up the prescription for me. I'm pretty sure it's mastitis. It's already MUCH better, but yesterday was rough. Marissa watched tv ALOT, and had some behavioral issues throughout the day, but she's better today too. It was horrible timing though, since I knew Dan wasn't coming home til today! I'm hesitant to say it, but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! It still annoys the crap out of me when people (like LLL) say nursing shouldn't hurt. I can't even describe the misery I've experienced trying to get nursing established with Marissa, and now Arianna. I will be soooooo glad when I can enjoy nursing finally! I really love enjoying Arianna as a tiny baby. When Marissa was this tiny, I was sooooo miserable for 2 months plus, I never felt like I got to enjoy her! But I've been cuddling Arianna lots, and I really don't feel too sleep deprived (yet...). Yesterday I caught her sucking on a few of her fingers - too cute.

Well, we are all watching "The Little Mermaid" (HOLY COW - her questions about this movie are ridiculous! How do you explain every little detail to a 2 year old? So funny, yet slightly annoying!) - Marissa LOVES movie night and popcorn, and Dan and I are enjoying the rest time after a long week. I'm looking forward to our first outing as a family of four - church on Sunday. I have a feeling I should set my alarm pretty early though - gotta love trying on normal clothes for the first time after having a baby!

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Jillian said...

I am so sorry that you're struggling with nursing. I've heard that mastitis is horrible and I can't even imagine going through all of that with a toddler, a new baby, AND my husband being out of town. Thankfully you had your friend for support! I'm also really sorry to hear that nursing is so painful for you and I wish there was something I could do to help you, but there obviously isn't! Your outlook seems really positive and at least you have the advantage of knowing how rewarding and amazing nursing really is after you become familiar with it! HANG IN THERE!!!! It takes a lot to do the very best thing for your baby, despite the pain that might be associated with it. Pat yourself on the back:-)I give you lots of credit for that!

And yes, it's AMAZING how many questions a 2-year-old can come up with. Holy cow!