Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So for my birthday on Monday I've been getting money and gift cards in the mail for a little while! I bought mostly clothes (since my 4-months-after-baby body is "interesting" to say the least), but I also just HAD to have these fun wall accessories:
I ordered them from (they were the cheapest there, and actually in stock, unlike a few other places that sell them), and they came in record time! This huge blank wall in our dining room was just driving me crazy, because it's not actually blank - that hideous vent was an eyesore! These flowers are magnetic, so they stick to the vent (and to the little tacks in the wall) and can be moved all around however I want! I'm still not sure of the arragement (I have 7 left that I could add...), but don't they make my wall look more fun?! Any tips on a different/better arrangement? I really love how they pop out from my green walls :-)

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Sherry Petersik said...

Love 'em! They look so great on the vent and climbing up the wall. Gorgeous layout! We're so glad you sent us the link.

Sherry (& John)