Saturday, September 26, 2009

New job, 7 months, video

Dan got a new job! His current company used to be right in town, but then they closed down that location. When that happened, most of his co-workers lost their jobs, and only had their weeks of severance. But he was offered a position sticking with them, in a different location 45 miles away. He took it, for stability, but the drive has been killing him (up at 6:15am, home around 6pm, depending on traffic (through two "big" cities, and major construction the whole way). He's been hoping to get something closer, and he just got offered a position. It's literally 7 minutes away, right outside the city, with the only construction right outside our neighborhood! It's networking support for local school districts, which isn't his specialty, but he knows it well enough and is a quick learner. With a nice raise, and SUPER awesome benefits, we're both so excited about it! He gave his two-week notice and they were really nice about it. Good job, hubby! I can't wait til he starts, and he'll be home at 4:40pm every day!

Arianna is 7 months old! We've been busy (doing what, I don't know), and I've been slacking off on the pictures. HOWEVER, I do have a few videos. This child is hysterical and waaaay too mobile for her age! She is still toothless, but I love her grin!

She ushered in her 7-month birthday with a bang. She was asleep in her bed for a bit, then woke up, and cried. And cried and cried and cried. And sobbed. And just wouldn't stop! It was so upsetting. And then she threw up. Twice. That was so sad. I was crying. She was a mess, there was puke all over both of us, and all over my bed. I think after the threw up, she felt a little better, and I managed to convince her to fall asleep in my arms to rocking and singing. But she wouldn't stay asleep no matter where I put her. So she ended up sleeping on me, draped over my stomach, til 5am. That was extremely uncomfortable, but it worked. I dozed a little. I tried to move her several times, but she just couldn't handle it! Finally around 5am, she stayed asleep next to me on our king-sized bed. I put pillows up all around her, and I fell asleep with my hand right next to her so I'd wake up if she moved too much. We both slept very well until Marissa woke me up around 8:15. And now Arianna is completely fine! She just had a huge poopy blowout, so I did a huge load of laundry - wet clothes from Marissa's (rare) accident yesterday, poopy clothes from Arianna, and pukey towels, clothes, and sheets! But Arianna is playing on the floor, crawling around and nursing like nothing ever happened! PHEW! Both girls had been coughing though. So when Arianna started throwing up, I thought for sure I'd wake up to Marissa doing the same thing at some point in the night. Especially since she woke me up yesterday saying she thought she was going to throw up because she was hiccuping so hard! She's been hiccuping AT LEAST 5x a day. Weird. But she's still coughing, and nothing else. Dan actually wasn't even here that night*, which was probably a good thing. He wouldn't have been able to sleep at all with all the crying, and I wouldn't have had enough room in the bed for the way we ended up sleeping.

*Dan's story: Wednesday he called me at 7:30am, when he was supposed to be getting to work. Two minutes from his work, he was driving, and all of a sudden his driver side front tie rods or ball joint (I don't have a clue what either of those are) just broke and he careened out of control into the opposite lane where NO cars were coming. He called for a number for a tow truck, and he got a ride to work from a police officer. This is what he said "If I didn't have to fill up with gas this morning because of Awana tonight, if Speedway's computers hadn't been screwed up and put me 10 minutes behind, then the traffic wouldn't have been bad and I wouldnt have gotten off the highway [early], and that would have happened going 70 mph. Even getting off at that road, it is a 6-lane road and there were no cars in the the oncoming lanes when I went through any of them." I am SO thankful he was safe. He was extremely shook up, with good reason. $650 later, he stayed overnight with Timmy (since he lives very close to their work) instead of us going to get him (45 miles there, 45 miles back) and take him in this morning (45 miles there, 45 miles back).

Also that same morning, Marissa came downstairs before me to get a drink, and yelled up the stairs "Mommy, what happened? There's a huge puddle in the kitchen!" Well, it rained last night and somehow the sliding door crack/track was full of water and had overflowed to the floor and was flowing across the whole kitchen. It missed the floorboards though, thankfully. But it took all day to dry in the track, since I couldn't exactly get a towel down there all the way.

Both girls are still coughing today, but Marissa is still fine other than that. However, she's SLEEPING like CRAZY! She slept in til 8:40 one morning, which is unheard of. And she took a nap til 4:45 and she'd been napping since 2. She usually wakes up in the morning at 7:30 or earlier, and usually only naps til 3:30 (if she falls asleep at all!). Arianna had a rough time falling asleep last night, and just cried for a little while, but no more throwing up (it must have just been a combo of crying so hard, and all the mucus in her throat), and she slept 10 hours straight last night - and so did I! Dan hasn't felt very well for a few days now too though. Hopefully I'll manage to avoid whatever this is! I've got around 5-6 hours of work to do this weekend, and other than that it should be nice and relaxing. Dan starts his new job on Tuesday!

I'll leave you with a video of Arianna getting into everything!


bb and mtb said...

She's so TALL!!!

And congrats to your DH on his new job. I know how stressful it must have been in his old position.

Jillian said...

That's awesome news about Dan's new job! I can imagine how excited you are to have him close. I'm so happy for you all!

Wow, scary story about Dan's car. I'm glad that God protected him and kept him safe. It seriously is a miracle that there were no other cars around.

I'm glad that you all are feeling better. I HATE when my girls are sick more than anything!