Monday, May 2, 2011

Picking back up...

So I've been a terrible blogger recently. Obviously I have a few very good reasons. But I really want to get back into it so I can remember these crazy days. So I'm going to try to start back up and try a FlyLady technique: only 15 minutes! It would probably take me forever to catch up on everything I've missed. So instead, I'll simply write for 15 minutes, and that will be all you get! Today it will probably be interrupted quite a bit since the kids are all up from nap already. But it's still better than nothing, right?!

Friday, Marissa turned 5. I still can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were heading to the hospital to get induced on her due date. She has turned into the sweetest, sassiest little girl! Lately when we ask to take her picture, she poses sideways with both hands on her hips. For her birthday, my parents came to visit for the weekend. She got lots of cool things from them, Dan's parents (in the mail), and my Grandma. For her big gift from us, we wrote a note allowing her to get her ears pierced. She's been begging for over a year, and we finally decided it would be ok. She got a huge grin on her face when we read the note to her. But when it came time to go to the mall on Saturday to actually get it done, she changed her mind. I think the weekend was a little crazy for her! But this morning in the car she suddenly wanted to do it "right now" so I think we'll probably do it this weekend.

Last night Arianna was super tired at church, and she had a fever when we got home. This morning both girls were a little sleepy and whiney, and they both had a slight fever. Hopefully it won't turn into anything, and they seem to be fine this afternoon. A few kids from church recently had febrile seizures, so I'm kinda freaking out more than normal. We've been pretty lucky so far though with all 3 kids hardly getting sick at all. I'm sure it's because nobody goes to preschool so I'm sure it will flare up next fall. But it's nice for now!

Last night I had a lot of work to finish since I didn't work all weekend since my parents were here. Dan and I were up til about 11:30, and today we're both exhausted! I was really hoping to catch a short (or long) nap this afternoon, but Arianna and Roman tag-teamed naptime today, so it didn't happen. I think we'll end up going to bed earlier than normal tonight!

Roman is really turning into the cutest happiest baby ever. He slept so great last night when I needed to work, and he was so happy all weekend. He's such an easy baby. He's finally starting to enjoy playing with toys.

Saturday afternoon we went to a playground and then randomly decided to go out to dinner, all 7 of us! It was definitely risky because of a) Arianna in general and b) Roman had last eaten before we left for the playground and that was a while ago and c) Marissa had skipped nap. It turned out to be the nicest dinner out we've had in years. Marissa was fine, although she was ready to be done before anyone else. Arianna was awesome and ate and ate and ate the entire time. She just kept cramming it in! Roman was happy and smiley for a while, then silently fell asleep in his car seat for the rest of our meal! It was a miracle, especially since we were seated in the direct center of the room for all to see, and our waiter was terrible and busy and took forever to do anything with us. It's nice to enjoy special things sometimes when it's not ridiculously full of chaos!

Dan was gone for a week in Nicaragua on a missions trip with our church. He had a great trip, but it was really hard for me to have him gone! Logistically it was fine, taking care of the kids and going places. But mentally I had a hard time with it! I tried to keep busy with friends, and then Rach came to visit for Easter weekend before he got back, so that all helped.

Well, that's 15 minutes, so I'm off to do some sorely neglected dishes left over from the birthday tornado weekend!

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