Monday, January 9, 2012


I accidentally weaned Roman during the process of getting my wisdom teeth out. I knew it was a risk I was taking, which is why I waited til he was past 1, but I still thought we'd make it. I was nervous about nursing him while I was taking vicodin, so I only did a little bit, when it was mostly run out and time for a new dose. He hadn't been nursing that much anyway, so he barely noticed. Well I finished the vicodin, and was only taking tylenol or ibuprofen, but he wasn't really asking to nurse much, so I kinda forgot about it. I still offered a few times, and he nursed then. But then one of those times, he suddenly didn't know what to do! He just kinda bit me, and looked at me funny. I gave up, and thought I'd try again another time. The next day he did the same thing, and now he's completely stopped asking. I'm so sad about, mainly because I wasn't prepared! But also because I nursed the girls for much longer (M for 16 months and A for 29 months). And especially because Dan doesn't want any more kids and I really love nursing my babies.
I'm trying to see the positive (wear normal clothing without having to be prepared to nurse everywhere), but it's hard right now. It's a very emotional change - I'd been constantly nursing for 34 months! My baby boy is growing up and suddenly seems so old.

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