Thursday, June 18, 2015

Catching up - Fall 2014

I found this old draft that I never finished. Guess I'll post it!

8/28/14 - Karina turned 1.
Roman at dinner "Uh Mommy, I have a water problem!" He had spilled it in his tray.

9/6 - K took her first step! She was standing next to Marissa's chair and Marissa scooted it away so K was standing alone and she was so distracted she took a single step toward Marissa.

A: Mommy can we have a treat?
Me: We'll see...
A: No, I need a firm answer!

Goofing around on the bed together...
M: Karina, don't knee my platter!" (meant bladder)

Roman: "Eenie meenie minie moe, which one has a bow?"

Watching liberty kids, soldiers are talking about tour of duty. Roman says "haha! He said duty!"

Arianna and Roman were playing with animals and people and Arianna says "wait for it..." as she makes twilight sparkle do a flip or something. Then Roman says "do it in slow mode, I didn't see it"

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