Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The computer is still in the basement.

Sorry folks. I still have very little time to get on here. I've been reading sites still, when I get the chance, but commenting just has to take a back seat these days. I was just reading all my subs, and realized that everybody I know is pregnant. I'm so happy for them, because I know how exciting it is. But I'm so frustrated. Because that should be me too. I felt like the timing was perfect, and I had full-fledged BABY FEVER! But apparently God disagreed with the timing. I wish it wasn't such a long process to get on the other side of this. It was almost a month and a half ago when I first thought I was losing the baby. Now that I'm finally over all the stuff related to the D & C (long story), I'm ready to move on. And I want a tiny baby to hold!
Ok, enough of that.

I'm at work right now, and all the kids are supposed to be sleeping. But I can hear the 4 yr old girl wide awake, messing around in her bed. And Marissa is being stubborn and won't go to sleep. Oh well...At least I still get my quiet time.

We've been pretty busy lately. Last weekend my parents came to visit and Dan's parents just left Monday morning after spending the weekend with us. Both weekends were fun, and Marissa did great around all her grandparents, even though she doesn't see any of them very often. When my parents were here, they helped us do a lot around the house that I hadn't been able to get to because of all my issues. The house actually looks pretty good now, although there are still some spots that need help! But it feels sooo good to have it organized and some nice things put up. We got two awesome gates from Babies R Us - one for the top and one for the bottom of the stairs. It makes life soooooo much easier! Definitely worth every penny. And if we forget to close them, she'll even close them for us. Lol

Marissa is so fun and funny these days. She dances around the clock, always pulling out new moves. She's starting to pick up words a lot faster too:

  • nurse = sssss
  • cup = puh (just the "p" sound)
  • baby
  • tissue
  • Rachel and Ra-Ra - both versions! Aunt Rachel is proud
  • Da-da - she was so stubborn for so long and wouldn't say dada, and now she won't stop!
  • Gramma = mee-mee
  • Grandpa = pa-pa
  • bless you = ble-shoe
  • shoe
  • noooo-ooooo - yes, she finally learned this word. She always says it with multiple syllables too. And her voice goes up at the end. Lol. And she says it as an answer to EVERYTHING. But at least she doesn't always mean it. So when we know she doesn't mean it, I make her say yes.
  • yes = yesh
  • hot - this comes with a lot of blowing on the food to cool it off - lol
  • Hmmm, there's gotta be more. I'll think of them later I'm sure.

She also loves to blow her own nose - over and over again - (when she finds the tissues we hide from her) and then go throw it away in the trash. Only she has to take my hand and lead me to the trash can so I can open it for her. Too funny!

Weight check for Rissa at the Dr. on Thursday...we're really REALLY REALLY hoping to hit the 20 lb mark!

Oh, we bought a comforter for our bed finally! King size stuff is so expensive so we didn't get everything at once. But now it's all done, and it looks beautiful! I can't wait to take a picture to put up on here. Actually, I could almost take pictures of the whole house since it's starting to look like a normal house.

Well, Marissa slept late this morning (8:15 - yay!) but I doubt that was late enough for her to completely skip a nap! Lol. I guess we should try the whole nap thing again. I wonder where she got her stubbornness...

P.S. - anybody else in love with the HGTV show Color Splash? I keep having dreams about seeing the host in our neighborhood or Lowes. But I love that show!

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Jillian said...

Marissa sounds like so much fun. She must keeping you smiling and laughing constantly.

I'm so glad that your house is looking more like a home now. It's so hard to get settled in a new place.

Good luck with the weigh in!! I hope all goes well for you guys:-)