Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On the bright side...

I thought I'd share a few happy things since my recent posts have been a bit depressing.
Tomorrow is happy 16 months to our big girl! It's hard to believe she's so old already! She has been so much fun and so good lately. She's been content to play by herself or watch The Backyardigans (She loves the show, which has really helped, but she's been watching way too much tv because I've needed her to. At least the show is cute and I can stand watching it too) when I've been stuck on the couch (I've had some issues, nothing huge, just ridiculous, but I'm better now. It's just a bunch of TMI, so I doubt I'll share on here). She also is talking more! She says "ble shoe" anytime anyone sneezes or coughs (I guess they sound the same?) and sometimes repeats her version of "love you" after we say it to her. She is also getting closer and closer to saying Aunt Rachel's name. Although sometimes it ends up sounding a lot like "ble shoe" - lol. This morning she learned how to say "baby" - it's too cute! She looked directly at my mouth when I said it, and repeated it perfectly! So we said it over and over again, pointing to a baby in a book of hers. She is also eating better and better every day. Still picky, but I'll take what I can get!

Today our dresser/mirror got delivered. We bought it together with the bed, but it was back-ordered til today. I love how it looks, but it was a ridiculous ordeal to get it delivered. The delivery guys were late for the time frame they gave us. Then they dented and scratched up the wall by our front door. Then one corner of the mirror is completely rounded and dented. And there is white paint (from our wall of course) on the bottom of the dresser. The guys came back to take pictures of the dents in the wall and their insurance might do something for us. They are going to bring out another mirror for an even exchange. And they said that an SOS pad might get the paint off the dresser, or if it doesn't, the guys who bring the new mirror will have a "stain pen" to color over the paint with the same color stain. Even better, when the guys came back to take pictures of the dents, one of the guys leaned against a corner in our house and scratched his back all over it, leaving the whole corner black. It wiped off, but if it hadn't, I would have REALLY gotten upset! I still really like our bedroom set, but I am NOT pleased with the place we got it from. Oh well, we'll know for next time Once the piles of clothes get put in the dresser, I'll take a picture of our beautiful bedroom set

Well, since I'm finally feeling better, and my neck is almost better (last chiro appt tonight), I suppose I should finally catch up on dishes and laundry. It's been a bit of a disaster area around here since I've been basically stuck on the couch since Saturday evening. Oh, except for church on Sunday. We tried a new church again, and it was awesome, and Marissa did wonderful in the nursery. I was so proud of her, and so relieved. I could barely concentrate during the service, because she did so awful last Sunday. But they didn't even have to call me back to get her, and she came out looking happy and not all puffy from crying. It wore her out, because she completely slept through lunch at a restaurant, which she hasn't done since like 3-4 months old. But this church is about to start a Saturday evening service, which would be awesome I think, because then it wouldn't always be her naptime during church. I think we'll probably try at least one more church that's a little closer, but this place is definitely one I can see us going to long term.

About nursing relating to the surgery...I talked to a pro LLL leader, who said I didn't have to pump/dump or do anything weird after the surgery. She said as long as I was able to hold her, it was safe to nurse her. So we didn't stop (other than while I was gone obviously, but that wasn't any longer than she's gone before) and I'm not planning on weaning any time soon. If she somehow all of a sudden jumps up in weight gain, I may consider it, but I just don't think it's a good idea for her right now. I never thought I'd be one of "those" mothers who nurse this long, but it just happened! Hehe!
Ok, time to get some work done

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Jillian said...

Don't you just hate how furniture places mess things up? People in my family have had similar experiences too. Not fun!

I can imagine how overwhelmed you must feel with all of the work you have to do around your house. Being a wife and a mother certainly keeps you moving!

I'm so glad that Marissa is eating better. That's awesome that you're still nursing. I really admire that and I hope to be able to do the same.

I hope you continue to feel better!!