Thursday, January 31, 2008

A bunch of random tidbits...

Rissa's been shouting this one word for a while now, and I haven't been able to figure out what she means. She gets really upset when I don't respond properly, which obviously I can't if I don't know what she means. But yesterday we figured it out - she's calling "STACE!!!" which is what Dan and Rach call me a lot of the time. Silly girl.

Also yesterday, we got the Crayola Color Wonder markers/book out for her to play with. Well, she didn't want to color with them. She wanted me to open each one so she could use them as deodorant, which she smeared all over her shirt! We all died laughing, so of course she continued to do it even more. By the way, those markers are probably the greatest invention ever - she didn't make any kind of a mess using them as "deodorant" because they don't write on clothes, hands, or anything besides the special paper!

Another new discovery: num-num = food, or I'm hungry. She was pointing things out in a book of hers, and the food on the plate was "num-num." She also walked over to the pantry, and asked for num-num. She is obviously imitating me when I say yum about foods (trying to get her to try them), but it's funny how she decided to use it.

Marissa's really going crazy with words lately. She used to call ALLLLL drinks "juice" but she finally figured out "water" and "mulk" which is really awesome because she tells us which one she prefers, and because she never actually drank much juice at all. Lol. She says milk like "mulk" - that's not a typo. It's funny.

She also (just this morning) perfected "duck" to include the ending "ck" sound. It used to be one of the zillions of words that sounds exactly like "da" (cracker, guitar, socks, and all the other ones we haven't identified yet).

She also somehow picked up "Doda" from all the Wonder Pets and Backyardigans she watches - from the commercials. Cuz we never let her watch Dora til she started asking for "Doda" - because that's the most irritating children's show in the world. But now she loves it, and actually responds to all the dumb questions Dora asks, and repeats all the words they say to repeat - even the Spanish ones. So it's kinda cool, but still annoying. Lol. I got her a mini "Doda" at Kroger for $1.19. It was on the top of a Play-Doh container, but she doesn't know that, and she loves to carry it around. She points out "ta-ta" (backpack) and looks for "map" but the map is inside of backpack. I wish she would say backpack differently. Lol.

This morning Rissa disappeared for a few minutes down the hall towards the front door. Since there's nothing for her to do or get into over there, I didn't even pay attention. But the next thing I know, she's running towards me only wearing her shirt! Her little butt cheeks were bare and cold! So I followed her, past her pants in the living room, all the way back to the front door, only to discover a poopy diaper sitting on the floor! That was definitely a first for both of us! Lol. At least it was a "clean" poop so she didn't get poop anywhere - that would have really freaked me out. So I carried her upstairs (out in front of me so I didn't get poop on me) and cleaned her up. I wish I'd thought to take a picture. Hehe.

Right now we're playing the "How much?" game. Every time we get a fake credit card in the mail, I save them for her to use in her purse. Well, somehow she came up with the phrase "how much?" and says it over and over when she's playing with those cards. And she always does it when she's in her kitchen. After she asks, I give a number, and she "swipes" the card through a crack in the wall of her kitchen. Lol.

*EDIT* I almost forgot - happy 21 months, Marissa! She's been obsessed with jumping in her crib and on any mattress lately, ever since we took a toddler gymnastics class together. But she never made it off the ground - until last night! We all got so excited for her, that she got super excited too, and just kept doing it over and over til she almost fell over. I love her!

*EDIT #2* So apparently I can't just write a short post. Anyways, I've been letting Marissa watch Sesame Street sometimes, since she likes Elmo. And we have a book with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and some others in it. And she obviously says Elmo, but she also says "monshur" (monster) and it's pretty cute. Every time any monster (besides Elmo) comes on, she says it, since they all look similar. She also calls any large vehicle "choo-choo" since we saw a train ONCE. It's cute to see how kids generalize things.

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Jillian said...

Oh my goodness! Reading that entire post makes me so excited for Brooke to get older. It really sounds like she keeps you cracking up ALL the time. I know I cracked up simply reading about her silly little ways.

I can't believe she took her diaper off. That's hilarious. I'm sure it wasn't quite as funny for you because you had to pick up the mess but it made me laugh. Lol!

Did you guys enjoy the gymnastic class? I think that something like that would be so much fun but I heard that your baby has to be 18 months old to attend the classes.