Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Holy Macaroni

It has certainly been an interesting few days since Friday. She had a slight fever on riday, but was acting fine. No more fever now, but her nose definitely has issues, and she's been coughing this nasty little gunky cough. Not very often, but it still sounds awful. One would think she would sleep better since she obviously feels so miserable. But this has not been the case:

Saturday for nap, Dan put her down because Rach and I were cleaning/organizing/finding her room. Instead of going right to sleep, she whined immediate for Daddy, over and over and over and over again, finally peaking at a hysterical cry. We let her cry for a while, thinking she'd still just go to sleep. After about 30 minutes of listening to her cry, stop, whine, cry, stop, whine, etc. she let out a sudden cry even worse than before. So I ran in to check on her. What I found stopped me in my tracks. Her pants were on the floor. Her diaper was in a pile in her crib. She was naked from the waist down (obviously). Her knee was stuck in the crib slats. And she was hysterical. The only good thing was that she hadn't peed all over her bed (*see 'Sunday for nap'). So we cleaned her up, put her clothes back on, comforted her since she was freaked out by getting stuck, and re-did the nap/bedtime routine. We put her back in her crib, and she fell asleep immediately.

Sunday for nap, I put her down like I always do, and Rach and I left to go pick up something for Dan at Lowes (he and Jeremy were working on finishing the basement). I left the monitor downstairs for Dan to listen to in case she pulled the same thing she did on Saturday. He called 20 minutes later to say that she was still crying, so I told him to check on her in case she took her pants and diaper off again. He said he would check on her, re-do the routine, and put her back down. When Rach and I got back, I asked him how it went. He said her pants were on the floor, her diaper was on the floor, and she had peed all over her bed, the edge of the crib, and onto the floor. He did his (manly) best to clean it up, and put her back to bed. When she woke up, I took all her sheets and blankets off, and wiped down the crib, and cleaned the carpet.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, we will now be putting her in her full footie pjs or making sure she is wearing a onesie underneath her clothes for all naps, no matter what. And we follow her to the front door corner to make sure she doesn't remove all her clothes there too.

Sunday night after the Super Bowl (bo-ring!) I actually fell asleep pretty early for a change. I was awoken (woken? awaken?) suddenly at 3am by Marissa whining loudly. Over and over and over and over. So I went in to her room and told her it was still dark so it was still nigh-night time and to lay down and go to sleep. She got really upset when I did that, obviously, but I kissed her and left. She quieted down, and I feel back to sleep immediately, only to hear her doing the same thing again 15 minutes later. Repeat me going to her room. Repeat her crying harder. Repeat her quieting down. Repeat me falling back asleep. Repeat whole process until 4 FREAKING 30am. Finally she actually went back to sleep instead of just being quiet for 15 minutes. Only to wake up before 7am. So I got her and put her in bed with us, and put The Wonder Pets on for her to watch, so I could sleep a little longer. Except she wouldn't sit still, so we came downstairs before 8am. I dozed on the couch while she watched every show known to man. Then she ate a huge lunch: grapes and cheese - lol (she's boycotting meat and pretty much anything else while she's "sick"). Then I napped while she napped, but she whined for so long again, then only slept for less than an hour, so we still didn't get much sleep. I guess that would explain why she whined for about an hour straight before dinner last night. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Last night she slept much better, but still woke up much earlier than she usually does. And she a basket case this morning. She won't stop crying for anything, except tv. Grrrr. So thats what we're doing. I can tell she's still miserable though, so I guess it's ok. She feels a little warm again too.

She is barely sick, but somehow she has succeeded in making the whole house miserable. I certainly hope this goes away soon.

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Jillian said...

I'm laughing so hard right now! Your daughter is a nudist, I suppose. Watch out world... Here Marissa comes! Lol! I can't believe that she strips herself completely down like that. Insane!

I read somewhere that babies can start to potty train between 18 and 24 months (it sounded early to me, but what do I know?). It said that if a baby starts to take off diapers when they are wet/dirty then it is often a sign that they're ready to begin potty training. Do you think that she's anywhere near that point? Just throwing it out there! I've never had a "big girl" so I'm not sure about stuff like this.

I really hope that she starts to feel better soon and that relief is on the way for you all! Sick babies don't make for very rested mamas:-(