Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Holy Macaroni - Part II

Alternate title: The First Milestone I'm Glad I Missed

Marissa woke up this morning around 7:10, which is a little early, but not bad. But when I walked into her room, I had to rub my eyes. There were little pieces of hot dog (last night's dinner) all over the floor, all over her bed, all down the crib rails, all over her pjs, and matted in her hair. I feel like such a horrible mommy because last night I didn't even check on her at all, so I don't even know when she threw up! I didn't hear anything that sounded like it though, and she had been acting totally fine for several days. I sometimes go in and check her before we go to sleep, but I didn't last night. I'm really hoping she only threw up when she woke up, because I think she'd be pretty upset if she threw up last night and I never came to get her.

Anyways, I whisked her straight into the tub, before anyone else was even up getting ready for work. Then I threw all her bedding in the washer. Then we came downstairs, cuz she was begging for some milk. Before she even drank any, she burped, and spit up some more on her shirt. So we went back upstairs to change her outfit. So far, there hasn't been any more throwing up, but she's definitely a little out of it today. Poor girl. At least this is the first time she's thrown up at all. I guess we are lucky? We're about to have lunch though, and even though I doubt she'll eat much, I'm worried that she will eat, and then throw it up. She's still wetting her diaper normally, and she's had a few minutes of normal playtime this morning. I'm hoping it was just a one-time thing, especially since Dan's parents are supposed to visit this weekend! Seth (little bro of the triplets) used to throw up if he was too upset, so maybe she just woke up upset, and I didn't hear her in time? We'll see...

Ok, time to try out some lunch.

*EDIT* She at a few things for lunch, but hardly anything. Guess she knew she wasn't ready to eat much. Hopefully she naps for a loooooooong time (like yesterday - 2 hours 45 minutes!) so she's better when she wakes up!


Jillian said...

Poor little Marissa! I hope that she's feeling all better soon and that the visit with Dan's family goes well.

Don't feel like a bad mommy for not noticing the throw up sooner! You sound like a WONDERFUL mommy. I know from experience that it's easy to beat yourself up when little things happen like that. I know I do!

I meant to ask you.. How's Marissa's weight doing? Are they still concerned that she's so tiny? Or is she catching up?

Jillian said...

About the house... My husband thought that same thing you did (that maybe something happened to the lady) so tonight when he goes in to work he's going to look her name up in the computer system and see if he can find anything on her. It's so erie. It doesn't feel right to us. She has 3 small children and she just up and left like that??? So odd.

I've been meaning to reply on your comment on Marissa's weight... I can't believe how tiny she still is! Brooke's got to weigh that by now. She goes for a check up soon so we'll see. I'm sure your girl is just skinny like you and that she's fine. I'll be interested to hear what the doctors think.