Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy times

Well, I should be in bed, but instead, here I am! I've been racing around like a mad-woman this week, trying to get everything ready for my parents, bro, and grandparents who are coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited! But since I got a bunch of stuff at the new Ikea last week (AWESOME!) and I'm constantly rearranging furniture anyways, there's way too much to do. And I still have to clean! I need to dust the living room, bookshelves, and piano. I need to scrub our tub and wash our sink. I have to clean the toilet and sink in the 1/2 bath. I need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor, the entryway floor, the 1/2 bath floor, the master bath floor, and the mudroom floor. I need to do laundry, put it away, then vacuum the hallway where all the laundry sits in a pile til I get to it. I need to finish hemming my new Ikea curtains and hang them up. PLUS we need groceries for everyone this weekend!

On top of all that, tomorrow Marissa and I are going to visit a lady and her two children about a possible nanny position. The only negative thing about the whole situation is that they have a cat. But other than that it sounds AWESOME! I really hope the visit goes well, her house is clean, and the cat hates people. Lol. It's about-freaking-time I found some job possibilities! I've been looking since at least January, and this is literally the first person I've corresponded with about a job. I send zillions of people emails, and left messages, but no one likes me I guess cuz none of them responded. Except for one lady, who even gave me a date to start working, but never called, never emailed back, never answered my frantic emails WAY past the date I was supposed to start. How rude is that? Anyways, I'm very excited about maybe finally finding a job. Especially one this awesome. It's only mornings, and it's very close, so we'll come home for lunch and nap, so I won't have to worry about Marissa REFUSING to nap, like she did at the end of our last job. Ahhhhhh! Please pray that this works out. I really need this.

Ok, well I need to get to sleep! First I need to find something to wear tomorrow that won't collect cat hairs. Then I'm going to crash! I'll take any tips you have on keeping cats away from me without touching them. Lol. I'm also a bit paranoid about it biting/scratching Marissa. Hmmm, maybe I'll lock it in a bathroom? Ha! Night :-)

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Jillian said...

Wow, you sound like a super-mom! Lol! You have so much to do but when I read the part about you hemming your curtains I had to laugh. That's just is just going above and beyond, if you ask me. Haha!

Enjoy your family! I hope you get everything done that you need to before they all get there.

A job for you? That sounds like a good one! I bet it's a great way to get out of the house. Sometimes I wonder how I'll fill my days... That sounds like a very good way to keep busy.