Monday, March 3, 2008

The Dentist

So growing up, my mom always made sure that my sister, brother, and I got our teeth checked and cleaned at the dentist every six months. I think I only had one or two cavities up until I got married. Once I graduated from college and got married, I found a dentist near our new apartment, and started going every six months, like I had been taught growing up. When I got pregnant two months after getting married, toothpaste was one of the things that set off my "morning sickness." I still brushed my teeth, but not nearly as often as I used to. Now that I'm a homemaker and SAHM, I typically don't even shower until my almost-two year old goes down for her nap. Most days, after my shower, I go back downstairs to eat some cookies or candy. If I ate it in front of my daughter, she would demand some, and I'm just not up to the tantrum when I say no! So I don't brush my teeth then either, because then the goodies would taste funny. And at my last dentist appointment, the doctor seemed confused by all the plaque on a few of my teeth. My question is, should I have confessed to my bad habits? Or just play stupid about why my teeth were so bad? Ha, funny thing is, I did just play stupid. I guess I don't want her to know that I let myself go after I had my daughter. Haha. So anyways, I suppose I should get back to brushing first thing in the morning, and before bed. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I went away to college, I gave up the nighttime brushing. So now that I think about it, I've really just been going downhill! Haha. Do you visit your dentist regularly? Do you even brush regularly? C'mon now, speak the truth :-P


Jillian said...

I'm not the most faithful person at caring for my teeth either. You're in good company! Lol! I HATE going to the dentist more than anything. I honestly think that I'd rather give birth to a baby than have a cavity filled.

Eva said...

Toothpaste totally made me nauseous during pregnancy, too! Especially whitening toothpaste. Once after I threw up, I really wanted to brush my teeth, and then the thought of it made me gag again.

I do brush my teeth almost every morning and night, though not after meals. And I just about never floss which I feel guilty about at the dentist's. I do fess up to the not flossing, though!