Sunday, September 21, 2008


SO because of some not-so-wimpy windstorms (no rain, no lightning, nothing else, just wind) LAST Sunday evening, we have been WITHOUT power since SUNDAY! No tv, no computer, no lights, no fridge/freezer, NO HOT WATER. Marissa's wonderful miraculous sleeping habits are down the drain. She's scared to death of the dark, and has barely even slept through the night all week. We can't do the few dishes we had left Sunday night since NO HOT WATER = NO SUDSY WATER to get rid of greasy dishes. We can't take nice long hot showers. I've spastically washed my hair a few times, but it's soooo freezing. We lost all the food in our fridge and freezer. We've been eating out every meal, once our bread was gone and we got sick of PB&J's. I also came down with the "cold of death" Thursday, and still worked as a nanny all week since Tuesday. They don't have power at their house either though. My cell phone won't hold a charge long enough. It keeps turning itself off even when it IS charged. Every time I order some food for take-out lunch, they forget to give me something precious. Thursday it was celery that I was craving so badly since we didn't have any fresh food in the house. Friday it was a wonderful chocolate cookie from Subway. Both of which I paid for, and did NOT receive. The cookie Friday was the breaking point. Lol. I basically had a meltdown to Dan over the phone because I did not receive my cookie. But it was really just the last straw in a really long week.

I called the power company Friday, and they said hopefully the latest we'd get power back would be Sunday evening. I heard rumors that it wasn't going to be until NEXT Friday, so I had to call and make sure I wasn't going to go insane. But today after church, Dan got a recording/call from the power company saying "call back if you still don't have power" - so who knows what that means. So he's currenly on hold with them to see what the heck is going on. This makes a full week of no power. I never thought I would survive, and obviously I'm going crazy. I'm at Dan's work to get in some computer time.

Well, sorry for the rambling. I will be back with a full post ASAP!

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