Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More potty mouth - lol

I've been feeling this baby move since last week! Last night I felt a really big kick or something while I was laying in bed. I LOVE feeling a baby move inside me!

About potty training...We gave up. I'm disappointed and kinda frustrated that I gave up so easily and early. Before we tried, I felt guilty because I felt like she was ready to try. But after trying, I could just tell she didn't really get it, and we were all (her included) just getting frustrated with her not getting it. She always knew to go potty, but not until just AFTER she went in her undies. Next time, I will just have to be more patient, and see if it rubs off on her, because I have a feeling my frustration was rubbing off on her, even though I tried my hardest to not let it show. This is just going to be a struggle, especially with all my germ-a-phobia-ness.

I'm also kinda frustrated because this week that I have off work is really the only time I'm going to have off work that's not a holiday. But if she's not ready, she's not ready. Plus, it's still very early. It just kinda hit me last night all of a sudden, that sooner or later she has to do this, WE have to do this, and the closer we get to her 3rd birthday, the closer we get to the "new baby upheaval" when they really don't recommend you potty train around then. So really, ideally, we should plan to have her trained by Christmas or so. That's very stressful for me, mainly because of my job. The little boy will be 3 in November, and is starting preschool three days a week (Yay!), so they're going to be pushing for him to be trained soon too. And I don't even know how to train ONE kid, let alone TWO. Plus, it will be at their house (Yay for messes on their hard wood floors instead of our carpet floors - the only positive point for training the kids at work - lol), where I have to chase after the younger sister (she's 1, and almost walking). It doesn't seem fair that I will have to do the majority of the training of the boy, even though I know daycares have to deal with training a lot too.

But at least now I get to enjoy my week off with my wonderful daughter, instead of stressing about going potty. Yesterday I had a friend come over with her daughter who is Marissa's age. It took them a little while before they were comfortable with each other, but once they got used to it, they played together SO WELL for SO LONG! They just babbled back and forth, playing in the play-kitchen. They set up a picnic on the floor, they put baby bibs on each was soooo cute!

Guess that's all. Time for more toddler fun!

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Beth Fish said...

Obviously I am nothing close to an expert, but we waited and waited and waited on the potty training, and then a week after her third b-day put her in underwear and she just got it. Had two accidents the first morning and almost none since then. I vote for waiting until they are absolutely ready, takes the stress of everyone.