Saturday, February 22, 2014

Karina update

Karina woke up this morning saying "dadadada" - she is almost 6 months old. No matter how many babies I have, I'm never prepared for how fast they grow up. She's delightful in every way. She's happy almost all the time, and if she's upset, it's always an easy fix. She grins at her siblings like crazy and they all adore her, fighting to sit in front of her and talk baby talk to her. Karina is close to sitting up on her own, and rolling around everywhere. She plays with anything she can get her hands on, and that usually involves eating it. She nurses about every 1.5 hours if she's awake, and takes two solid naps of about 2-3 hours, plus an evening cat nap. She's not sleeping all night, but I still get a few good chunks of sleep most nights and she goes right back to sleep after nursing. She's very destractable and adorable when she nurses, grabbing my face, lips, hair, the nursing cover, and anything she can get her one hand on. I finally gave in and put her in the nursery at church and she's happy for a little while, but every time so far they've had to page me a few times. I think she's a mommy's girl, and I won't lie: I kinda love it.

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