Tuesday, January 13, 2009

35 weeks?!

Holy cow. How am I possibly 35 weeks pregnant already? The first few months dragged soooo slowly, but the last few have just flown by! I am ready though. Really ready to be done. I haven't been sleeping well for over a month, and it's only getting worse. I have horrible heartburn at nights, plus I just toss and turn (which is no easy task these days!) and wake up in the middle of the night for no reason! I've been having muscle pain everywhere these days, and even cute little kicks are starting to hurt! I had a doctor's appointment today, and I have another ultrasound on Thursday. Things are looking good! I start going every week now, and they said I would be getting the Group B Strep test at my next appointment. I'm really hoping it's negative, because I want to avoid an IV if at all possible, since I want to be in the tub, and that would just be annoying.

We moved a dresser into the guest/baby room, so now all I have to do is get tiny clothes out of the bins and put them in the drawers! And now that I'm home during the days, I can get that done soon! Yesterday was our first day home, and it was wonderful! We had to pick up the living room toys, and vacuum, and I had to clean our master bathroom/shower, and I completely and totally kicked my own butt. It was ridiculous. So I ended up on the couch for a while afterwards. But Marissa was wonderful, we read tons of books, she helped pick up the toys, and it was still a really fun day. Turns out stickers can entertain her for ever! On that note...
  • Rissa has this story that must be told, minimum, once a day. Usually, 3-5 times a day. Here is how it goes:
    "Mommy, remember when I ran on the sidewalk in my brown flower shoes, and I fell, and got two boo-boos, and Ra-ra and Mommy put two band-bands on my knees?" (band-band = bandaid)
    And it has evolved since our recent visits with relatives and their boo-boos...
    "So Aunt Kathy's problem is she has a tiny boo-boo on her finger, so she needs a tiny band-band. And Granny's problem is she has a boo-boo on her finger, and she needs a band-band."
    ("______'s problem" is from the PBS show Super Why, not something we usually say)
  • Every day, on our way to work, we used to pass a big building with big pillars across the front. After we visited DC with Dan's parents, every time we drove by that building here at home Marissa said excitedly "Mommy, we just go there with Granny and Pop-pop!" because it looks like the Lincoln Memorial!
  • On our way home from work, sometimes Marissa would start to doze off in the car. I'd try to keep her awake by saying "Wait, Marissa, it's not naptime yet! Don't fall asleep!" and she'd reply through half-closed eyes "I'm not sleeping, Mommy, I'm just watching the cars driving!"
  • Sunday, on our way home from church, Marissa told us the best story ever. We didn't even have to ask her how her class was, she just volunteered the following:
    "Mommy, today in my class, Cooper gave me a hug, and I hurt my 'fumb' (thumb) and I got a boo-boo, and my teacher cleaned it, and got a paper towel and the paper towel made my fumb feel better, and my teacher gave me a hug, and Cooper said he was sorry and he gave me a hug."
    I just couldn't believe she told us that entire account without any prodding from us about more details. When did my baby get so good at expressing herself? I love hearing about her class at church (or if we have a babysitter) since it's the only time I'm away from her, but I still get to find out everything that happens! (Like when she woke up the morning after an evening with a babysitter, and her diaper was on backwards? I was making fun of the babysitter in my head, because, seriously, DUH, but Marissa told us that she got to put her diaper on all by herself. Lol.)
Well, my alone time is quickly going away, so I'm gonna go rest before Marissa wakes up from her nap!

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