Friday, January 16, 2009

U/s, potty talk

Wednesday night, Dan went to a basketball game with some friends, so Marissa and I dug out tiny baby clothes and put them in a dresser. It was so fun to look at all the tiny clothes, remember Marissa in them, and think of Arianna in them! But we discovered a problem: NONE of the clothes are winter clothes until 6-9 months! So the only newborn/0-3 month long-sleeve, warm clothes we have are 2-3 pairs of pjs! For some reason, I thought the end of April was still cold enough for us to have tiny winter clothes from Marissa. But I guess it wasn't, or else we stayed inside long enough for it to turn to spring before we ventured out much. So yesterday Marissa and I headed to Target to see if we could find some clearanced winter tiny baby items. I managed to find 2 warm outfits, but they didn't have much clearance for tiny babies!

Thursday morning I had my final ultrasound. Because of some weird placenta stuff, we've been monitoring Arianna's growth on a monthly basis. She's been growing steadily and consistently, and weighs about 5 lbs 10 oz now, which they said was about the 40th percentile. So they are not concerned about her growth at all! It reminded me of 35 weeks with Marissa, where they started being concerned about her growth, since I was measuring consistently small. Anyways, Arianna is definitely head-down and ready to go! I also got to watch her eyes blinking, and her face scrunching up. I'm soooo excited to meet this little girl! I'm also ready to be done, since I'm still not sleeping (I might as well wake up every hour with a cute baby to hold instead!) and can't really ever find a comfortable position to do anything in, for any length of time. We went to Ikea last night, and I quickly realized it's not a good store for pregnant women! Well, unless you don't mind resting on every couch in every room. Lol. But Dan wanted to get in, get what we needed, and get out, and it was already going to be a late night for Marissa, so we pressed on. It was fun, but I'm definitely not doing that again for a while!

This morning I decided that since our busy week was done, we would give potty training another shot. So we got up and she put princess undies on. Shortly after breakfast, she had an accident in the kitchen (yay for on vinyl floors), so I cleaned it and her up (very calmly, I might add - I tried SO hard to be patient and relaxed about it). She was dry for another hour, then had a complete meltdown over something totally unrelated and trivial, then started begging for a diaper on. Then when I picked her up, I realized she was burning up. After several (failed) attempts at taking her temperature [Butt: screams, 104, can't be right; Mouth: wouldn't even let me put it in the right spot; Under arm: 101 but had to stop because she was freaking out *Guess I need to invest in one of those expensive ear or forehead ones, huh?] I gave up and just cuddled with her all morning. She actually took a nap on my lap, which convinced me she was NOT feeling herself. So we'll try potty training another day. Lol. I'm starting to think it's never going to happen, and I really wanted to get a good start on it before baby-time. UGH!

Well, that's all for now. She's still sleeping, so I'm off to rest myself. Sitting in the same position for a long time is excruciatingly painful for some reason, but when she was cuddling, then napping, on me, I just couldn't make myself move. At least she's hardly ever sick. The last time was probably last January, and before that, only once or twice, which is also why I've never thought I needed a fancy thermometer!


Jillian said...

I'm so happy that things are looking good with the baby. You must be so excited and relieved that she's not only healthy, but that she's almost HERE!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the precious little girl:-)

Potty training... Ugh! Good luck with that one. I'm dreading the time when it comes but unfortunately it's something that needs to be done. Remember to take notes for me! Lol

I'm sorry you're not sleeping well... Good luck with that. At least it's for a good cause, right?

Jillian said...

Hey again! Just to respond to your comment real quick, yes, Brooke's C-Section was an emergency. She was plain old stuck:-( After pushing for almost 3 hours they called it quits for me and she came out all bruised. To be honest, I was really embarrassed to admit that I was "settling" for a repeat C-Section (because I'm SO into natural birth that it's not even funny) but I've just learned that there's nothing wrong with doing what's best for the baby and me. Thanks for your encouragement... I'm still a bit iffy about it, though I profess to be otherwise!

4 more weeks!! I'm so excited for you and your family:-)