Friday, January 23, 2009

Still here

You would think that since I'm home all the time now, I'd have more time to update. But apparently that's not the case. It's been such a wonderful week at home with my girl. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday (Day Of Change - that's all I'll say about that), and afterward we went to Elder Beerman to exchange a Christmas present from my mom. Marissa is finally getting used to all the ladies at my doctor's office (gee, it only took her a year and a half!) so it's fun to watch her talk to them. This week, she informed the entire staff that she knew mommy's and daddy's full names in case we're "missing". They thought that was pretty funny. While we were shopping after my appointment, I was waiting at a customer service desk for a while, and she rearranged a display of little kid cameras ever so carefully. She got really upset when I was ready to go because "There's still one more spot left!"

Wednesday, we made another attempt at potty training. It takes a huge amount of effort on my part to be calm and patient and not let her catch on how grossed out I get by the messes. I thought I did pretty well too. But she just isn't getting it, and only knows she needs to go as it's happening. I also had to bribe her to even put on the undies in the morning. So basically, she's not ready, I'm not ready, and we're going to wait until after Arianna is born. I'm so completely exhausted, and sore, that it's hard for me to do much anyways, and there's no need to stress out over it yet. I'm disappointed that we couldn't get this over with, but now I can focus on enjoying our time together alone, instead of stressing over going potty.

Wednesday night we had our Waterbirth class finally. It was scheduled for December, but the instructor never showed up. Then it was rescheduled for last week, but it snowed too much. So we got to attend for free (because the instructor forgot in December) and we were the only couple there! It was a little awkward, but the lady was super nice, and I got to share Marissa's birth story (which she was totally in awe of, a 3 hour labor, and now wants me to call her after this labor to see if it's short too). It was an interesting class, with a few good tips and instructions related to waterbith, but overall it was more like a sales' pitch to convince us that waterbirth is amazing. But I already felt that way, and am already planning on having one if I can, so it was kinda a waste of time! We would have been really ticked if we actually had to pay for it, but since we only had to pay the babysitter (I have discovered that when the babysitter is here, Marissa is the boss! Didn't really see that coming! Should be interesting to find a way to tell the babysitter that it's ok to tell Marissa "No!"), I guess it wasn't so bad. The funny part was that we told the lady about Dan passing out in childbirth classes for Marissa, so she said she would warn him about pictures/videos that were gross. But she totally forgot, and in one video they were even studying the placenta! He didn't pass out, but distracted himself with some snacks. Lol.

Some funny Marissa stories:
  • Dan really likes to watch cooking shows on the Food Network, so some evenings we all watch together, while Marissa plays. Well, when Marissa had that slight fever last week, and only wanted to cuddle, I had to occupy myself somehow, so I started watching some too. Now, she begs and begs to watch cooking shows! Today, after Rachael Ray was over, and someone else was on, she asked for "that lady who made pasta" (RR) to come back instead of the other person! She really gets into each show too, and continually asks "What is he making?" "What's he cutting up?" or "Yogurt in pasta? Nooooo!"
  • Because we've been watching these cooking shows together, she's gotten her first exposure to commercials too. Food Network is at least decent though. Anyways, last night at dinner, she started telling us this story about a monster jumping down onto a road and the car stops and the lady gets out and says "Bunco!" at the monster and he runs away. We just laughed, because we know how her imagination gets sometimes. Until I realized she was telling us about a commercial! It's the one where the lady is driving down the road, and all the fast food signs chase her down the road, til she gets home and holds up the mostly-prepared-steak-dinner-in-a-box and yells at them "Back off!" Her memory of details just astounds us!
  • Yesterday, a package came in the mail from my parents and grandparents full of tiny cute little winter outfits for Arianna (since all of Marissa's tiny outfits were springy) and a few goodies for Marissa too. It's so fun to look at those clothes and imagine cuddling a tiny baby in them! I can't wait! One of the goodies for Marissa was a plastic locket and mirror from my grandma. Well, since I opened it up for her, she has spent countless hours putting the necklace on herself, taking it off, putting it on me, taking it off, and every time we have to look at ourselves in the mirror. It's hysterical, and she works so hard getting it on and off!

Since I've been so exhausted and sore sometimes, I've spent a lot of time on the couch this week. So we've been reading books like crazy! Over and over, every single book in sight! It's so much fun, and we just cuddle together under our favorite blanket. I can't begin to tell you how much I've been enjoying my daughter this week. It's such a special time, and although it will obviously change drastically, I don't think it will be too upsetting for her when we have a baby around too. She's just so enjoyable, and happy, and cuddly, and loving, even when things don't exactly go her way.

I guess that catches me up on here. We've got a relaxing weekend planned, and Monday we have the final class/meeting required at the birth center before I could go into labor. It's also our "trial run" with taking Marissa to the friends' house where she'll be during my labor, so hopefully all goes well. Tuesday I have another doctor's appointment, where we will definitely be talking about how to deal with my positive Group B Strep result and my desire for a waterbirth - grrr. Then it's the homestretch, and I'm ready for a baby! The good news is that I'm finally sleeping better - last night I only woke up once, and didn't even stay awake for a long time! It was so nice to wake up refreshed after sleeping like a normal person! I'll leave you with one last Rissa story:
  • She has a pirate eye patch that she loves to wear. There are several pirate episodes of The Backyardigans that she loves (I must mention how proud I am about how little tv she has watched since being home all day!), so she loves to wear her pirate patch around the house. She dances around, swinging one leg into the air, singing "A pirate, a pirate, a pirate says ARRGGGGHHHH!" several times in a row, then stops, lifts up the patch to peek at whoever will listen, and says "Ahoy there 'maybe'" - it cracks us up every time because she thinks it's "maybe" instead of "matey" and she says it sooooo pirate-like
Next time I post, I will be "FULL TERM"!
36 weeks, 1 day


bb and mtb said...

The potty training does not sound like fun - at all. I hope it goes a little better in a few months.

And YAY for almost full term!!

Alison said...

You look beautiful! Congrats on being *almost* full term! I know you're tired and sore now, but enjoy these last few weeks with Marissa as much as possible. By the sound of things, she's going to make a great big sister.

Jillian said...

You look great! Be proud:-)

I'm sorry that your GBS was positive. UGH! I really hope that it doesn't interfere with your birth plan too much.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Wow, you're 36 weeks along and still look cute!

I had a water birth for my third child (he's four months old now). It was great. I know you're already sold on the idea but just thought I'd mention it. :)

Oh, and waterbirth is actually a great option when you're GBS positive, because all the water dilutes and washes away the germs. It sounds weird, but that's what my midwife said, and it does kind of make sense!

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