Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doctor appointments, etc.

Well, Monday morning I took both girls to the pediatrician for their 2 month and 3 year check-ups:
  • Marissa weighs 27 lbs and is exactly 3 feet tall. She did extremely well for the doctor, and only had a minor meltdown when she wanted a granola bar from my purse. She's still 100% accident free, too!
  • Arianna weighs 10 lbs 12 oz and is 23 inches long. This is HUGE compared to Marissa! Marissa never made it out of the 25th percentile. Arianna's weight (and head) are in the 50th and her length is the 90th! I am just so shocked, I thought we'd have another tiny baby like Marissa was. There is still that possibility, especially since Marissa dropped her percentile down to 5th for a while. But I just can't believe it! She's in 3 month clothes already, which works nicely since most of Marissa's summer clothes were 3 months. We might be in trouble in the fall though! Lol.
    • Poor Arianna got a bunch of shots at the end of her check-up. She cried pretty hard of course, but calmed right down and went to sleep after I nursed her. She slept for a while once we got home, but as I put Marissa down for her nap, Arianna turned hysterical. She cried SO hard, for quite a long time. I nursed her almost constantly, but even that didn't calm her down, as she just kept crying while she tried to nurse! It was just plain awful, so I finally gave her some Tylenol (dr said it was ok) and she finally took a long nap. After her nap, even after the Tylenol wore off, she was completely fine, acting like herself again! But PHEW those were a long few hours!
Wednday was Marissa's 3rd birthday and she threw up Tuesday-Wednesday  It was so sad to watch, and she kept saying over and over "It's no fun being sick!" During her short sickness, she watched Monster's, Inc like 3 times! She loves that movie! Poor girl - I had big plans for her birthday, but they'll had to wait. I was gonna take her out to lunch to use her free Sonic meal (online birthday coupon) and then for ice cream to use her free Baskin Robbins online birthday coupon! (I love freebies - anyone else get free grilled chicken from KFC on Monday?) We did actually get the ice cream, since she was fine all day. Hopefully this was the end of it, because we have lots bigger plans for this weekend! Dan's parents are coming for the weekend, and we (and by "we" I mean all the men) are going to assemble her swing set in the backyard! She has no idea she's getting one, and she keeps saying she wants to go slide on our neighbors'! I can't wait to see her reaction.

This past weekend, I finally finished painting the entry way in our house. Last May, I painted our living/dining/kitchen a beautiful springy bright-ish lime-ish green (I think I posted pictures back then if you desperately want to see it - lol). Well, the Friday after I painted, I found out I was pregnant - so no more painting for me! But I had tested colors in the entry way, since I had plans to paint that too. So there has been green streaks on the white wall right by our front door for almost a year! Unfortunately, I picked THE HOTTEST weekend ever (80+) plus I had a horrible cold. It was really hard work, and I'm still quite sore. But I'm so glad it's finally done. It created a huge mess in our entry way and living room from moving all the stuff out of the way. But it's nice to finally get things re-organized (you know how things just get worse and worse and it's just easier to start over!). I can't wait to finally put stuff up on the walls in the entry way (I'd been putting it off since I knew I'd be painting eventually) and ONLY use the mudroom for a mudroom!

Well, I have TONS of stuff to do for this weekend. Bye!


Jillian said...

Your girls are getting so big! They grow quick, huh? It's so bittersweet.

That's great that Marissa is feeling lots better. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and that Marissa enjoys the new swing-set!!

bb and mtb said...

Oh, poor birthday girl! I hope she is feeling better and enjoying all the birthday attention!