Friday, April 24, 2009

Once again, it seems like the only time I have to post is Wednesday night. I started writing this while watching Idol (LOVE Adam!), but I thought I'd multi-task, then didn't get around to actually posting it (with a few edits) til today:
  • Saturday we went to Jungle Jim's and Ikea for most of the day. Dan wanted to show me Jungle Jim's and we needed a stool from Ikea so Marissa could reach the sink upstairs and downstairs. I put Marissa in a pull-up, just because I wasn't sure how she'd do. But she stayed dry all day, and we used public bathrooms for the first time. UGH! She wasn't freaked out at all (although I was - GERMS!), and even survived "falling in" once! I almost had a heart attack because EWWWWWWWWWWWW, but I was so proud of her. She's been in underwear all week, and hasn't had ANY accidents at all! I am still in shock at how easy that was, and how fast it happened!
  • Monday night we all went to get groceries together. Marissa had to go the second we got in the store - of course. The bathrooms there were SO NASTY! But it went fine. I just don't like going in all these public bathrooms!
  • Tuesday we went to my friend Susan's house so we could chat and Marissa could play with her daughter, Ingrid (just turned 3). We all had a good time. The girls are playing so cute together lately, and starting to have actual conversations that are just so funny. Lol.
  • Wednesday I took both girls with me to get Marissa's 3-year pictures taken at Olan Mills. I was kind of disappointed because the main reason we go there is because the lady that takes the pictures is amazing with kids, and today she was training some new guy. But we did end up with several great pictures - and it's always so hard to pick just one! Marissa said she had to go potty while we were taking pictures, but she was able to wait until we were done - which is great that she can wait! Marissa was a perfect angel the whole time though. The guy (and lady) arranged her and she followed everything little thing they said. It had to be the easiest 3-year old photo shoot they've ever done. Lol. She acted like it was her whole goal in life to make them happy!
  • The only negative is that I woke up this Wednesday with an awful-on-fire throat, icky nose, and a pounding headache, and it's only gotten worse since then! It's no fun to be the sole caregiver of 2 kids when you're feeling miserable! If only Marissa would understand that it hurts to talk - that girl never stops! Lol.

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Jillian said...

Adam is AWESOME... I totally agree. Each week I look forward to hearing his take on the songs he sings. I love it!

Marissa is just a potty training champ, isn't she? That's wonderful!

I hope you feel better soon!