Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holy Heartburn

Well, it has been quite a week. We had a wonderful Christmas at my parents' house in NY. The 9 hours in the car there and back weren't so fun (imagine "Why, Mommy???" every 3 miles, plus bruises from baby kicks in the ribs), but our time spent there was perfect. We were also able to visit with both sets of my grandparents, which provided great entertainment trying to figure out what Marissa was going to call everyone. She eventually figured it out though! They had tons of snow, so Marissa got to go sledding for the first time - she was TERRIFIED! Her exact words are "it was a little bit scary" but she enjoyed watching Daddy, Grandma, and Ra-ra sled very fast down the big hill. We all got so many wonderful gifts from family. Marissa got a bunch of "big girl" toys - I can't believe she is basically old enough for all those elusive "3 and up" toys! It was such a relaxing week for me especially, since my sister and well, everyone else, kinda just took over with Marissa. I barely changed any diapers, didn't feed her many meals, and only put her to bed/nap a few times. Nothing like a break from the everyday mommy tasks to remind me to enjoy them when we get home! On Christmas Day, it took forever to get through all the presents (mainly because my family opens them one at a time, going around in a circle so everyone gets to watch everyone open every present!). We didn't even start eating lunch until after 2, which is usually her naptime. By 3:30, she was in a hysterical meltdown, which is an unusual occurence. But other than a few moments here and there, she was so well-behaved.

I am 33 weeks pregnant today, and I forgot to take a picture! My picture from last week, plus all the Christmas pictures, are on my Dad's camera in NY. It's really starting to hit home that we're about to have another baby around here! And I'm starting to be ready for this pregnancy to be over! I get the most random muscle aches, everywhere, but most of all THE HEARTBURN!!! I never had it with Marissa, but this girl is trying to kill me lately! There's been several nights where I just could NOT fall asleep because it was so bad, and one night it even woke me up at 3am! I was trying to tough it out, but the sleep deprivation is just NOT cool, so I went out and bought some stuff that I'm allowed to take, so hopefully that helps!

My parents are planning on coming out for a week or so when Arianna is born to see her, and so my mom can help out after Dan goes back to work. But yesterday morning she slipped on some ice in a parking lot and broke her humorous bone (upper arm) right below the ball/socket part, and is in excruciating pain! The doc said it could take 6-8 weeks to feel back to normal - so at this point we're just hoping she'll be able to even hold a new baby! But I also can't believe we'll have a new baby in that amount of time! I really hope her arm is mostly healed by then, because I can't imagine not being able to hold a new baby!

Well, I guess that about covers it...although it seems like I'm forgetting something major...AND it just came to me! Lol. I ONLY HAVE 5 DAYS LEFT OF WORK UNTIL I QUIT TO BE A SAHM TO OUR GIRLS!!! I'm off the rest of this week for the holidays, and then next week is my last week!!!!!!!!! After we're done working, I think we'll probably try to see if Marissa is up for potty training again. I don't really want to deal with it, but I kinda don't have a choice here I will be so relieved when it's all over with though, and I think Marissa's ready. Plus, I'm so ready to spend time with Marissa before her whole world gets thrown upside down in February!

Ok, now I'm done. I'm off to enjoy the rest of our week HOME!

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bb and mtb said...

So glad you had a great holiday and wow for 9 hours in th car. I hope next week goes smoothly and quickly for you and then you are all prepared to be a stay at mommy to your 2 beautiful girls.