Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Our week away for Thanksgiving was so nice. Very relaxing, GREAT to not be working, and Marissa had a blast with her Granny and Poppa. We went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN for the entire week. We went to Dollywood one whole day, and discovered Marissa LOVES riding on rides. I also discovered I can't even handle riding a carousel anymore (I used to ride all the craziest, wildest rides anywhere! Guess that's what pregnancy will do to ya!). We did a lot of shopping (found the BEST "Handbag Superstore" ever! Waaaaay too many to choose from though!) and a lot of reading. Marissa roped everyone into pretending a lot of "Super Why" complete with "capes" to run around in. Apparently she has memorized all of the repetitive scenes that all kids shows have, and she recited them the entire week. Hilarious! It's actually a pretty neat show on PBS, but it got annoying hearing it all week!

We got back on Saturday, and had a relaxing Sunday to unpack. Then yesterday Dan had a trip for work, and got back today. Last night, Marissa and I went out to dinner with the wife and kids of the guy Dan went on his trip with. It was so much fun, Marissa did great, and Kate and I had a great time chatting. Rissa and I went shopping after dinner, and then stopped to get gas on the way home. After I finished filling the car up, she asked "Where we going now, Mommy?" I said "It's time to go home now!" and she said "Awesome, man!" - I about died laughing!

This week is full of laundry from our trip, and some general cleaning around here. We're having a get-together on Saturday for some out-of-town friends, so that should be really fun. Then next week Rach is coming for a long visit, we have our "water birth" class, Dan's work Christmas party, and then it's Christmas vacation time! Then I only have a few short weeks of work left (!!!!!), and then BABY time It's finally starting to seem like it's getting closer!

I know I'm due for another belly picture, since I'm 29 weeks today (Holy cow - that's almost 30!), but it will have to wait til tomorrow. I am meeting with a new pediatrician since our old one is just kinda too far away since we moved and they moved. So far I've had a really hard time actually talking to a real person on the phone there, but hopefully once I'm an actual patient, they won't be too busy for me! So tomorrow I'll remember to take a belly pic. Guess that's all!

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Jillian said...

I'm glad that you all had a nice Thanksgiving and that you could spend time with your family!

I know this is random, but what does Dan do for a living? You said that he was away on business and it occured to me that I had no clue what he did for work. Just being nosey!

30 weeks! WOW! I'm so happy for you... I truly am:-)