Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, for the first time since August when she moved up to a big girl bed, Marissa fell out of bed this week. I forget what night it was, but Dan and I were both downstairs watching tv, and suddenly we heard a huge bump/bang upstairs. We both bolted up the stairs (oh yeah, it was Tuesday so Dan was totally exhausted from the dentist [see below] and so was I, and yet we both moved faster than we ever have before!), and found her in the middle of a no-breathing-cry, trying to stand back up on the floor. She was absolutely hysterical/inconsolable for quite a long time. She was crying so hard, and barely breathing, that Dan's first thought was she was having an asthma attack (she wasn't, and she's never had any symptoms, but Dan used to get attacks when he fell out of bed as a kid). She eventually calmed down with plenty of talking, singing, and distracting on our part. But it was sooooo upsetting! I kept asking her if she had any boo-boos, and she kept saying no. I checked her all over, and found no bumps. But we have no idea how she actually landed. It was so scary for me, but she didn't even remember it happening the next morning. Her bed has a trundle under it, and I had put it away when we had a bunch of people over and I was cleaning - and I forgot to pull it back out a little. She uses it as a step to get in bed, and I pulled it back out so in case she falls again, she'll land on that mattress instead of the hard floor!

(Hmm, I think I forgot to post about a huge party we had at our house last weekend. Dan's roommate/best friend from college lives in Oregon, but was in town for a week, so we had a bunch of college friends over for a big party last Saturday. We did a lot of cleaning for it, and Dan grilled lots of burgers and hot dogs, and we had a great time. We sat around and chatted a lot, then played Rock Band quite a bit in the basement on the projector. All the guys thought that was awesome. And one of Dan's friends just had twin boys, so they were the hit of the evening as well. Marissa did so well, talking to everyone, and she was enthralled with the babies. I was worried that she wouldn't say a word to anyone all night, but everyone was really great with her, and it didn't take her long to feel totally comfortable playing with everybody. It was our first time to throw a big party in our house, and I'd say it went really great! I don't think we would have been able to do it if the basement wasn't finished though. It was pretty loud with everyone talking, playing with Marissa, and the babies. But I'd say it was a success!)

Last week was a long week. Dan had two wisdom teeth plus another molar taken out on Tuesday. Marissa and I obviously had to drive him home, so she missed her nap that day, and while he was getting it done, we bought groceries, so I was totally exhausted (and my hips have been acting up lately - yay for random pregnacy problems). But Dan was obviously wiped out and high on vicodin for the pain. So I had to do pretty much everything around here all week. I'm very accustomed to my "naptime" - I really need that rest time, even if I don't sleep. And I didn't get it at all this past week. Marissa missed her nap every other day all week for some reason or another. It made things very difficult for Dan and I to both be invalids all week! Lol.

Wednesday afternoon, Dan and I dropped off the Eclipse (not our family car) to get a tire replaced. Then Wednesday night we had a babysitter for Marissa, because we were supposed to go to my water birth class. But we got there (thankfully just down the road) and no one was there! I called a bunch of phone numbers, and finally got a hold of an instructor, who said the instructor who was supposed to teach just totally forgot! That still doesn't explain why there weren't other couples there for it, but oh well. We get to take it FOR FREE the next time it is offered (Jan. 14 - I'll be 35 weeks - anybody else think that's cutting it a bit close?!). So we came home early, paid the babysitter for a 1/2 hour (lol) and then Rach got here, so Marissa stayed up late to see her.

Then Thursday I had an ultrasound after work, so Rach came to work with us, and we went straight to the appointment (meaning no lunch for us adults, Rissa ate at work, but they don't really have normal adult food). Everything still looks fine. The doctor said the "globular placenta" might be looking smoother, but they had a hard time seeing it for some reason. The cord is still inserted strangely on the side, but they didn't seem concerned at all. In fact, I didn't even schedule another u/s in 4 weeks (like I had been doing, and thought I would continue to do) because they wanted to discuss if it was even needed with my actual doctor. So I'm kinda waiting on them for that, but I'm not worried. Arianna is still growing just fine - estimated to be around 3 lbs now! I don't know if it is because of the ultrasound waves, or just the fact that they're pushing that wand around my belly, but she was going crazy! I have a feeling this little girl is going to be a bit more, uh, ACTIVE than Marissa. Lol. Anyways, after that appointment, we had to take Rach's car to the car place for some major work, and ended up sitting around there forever trying to figure out what was going on with it. Then we had to go pick up the Eclipse (at a different car place of course!) since they were done replacing the tire. And by the time we got home, it was dinner time - again no naptime for anyone!

Friday was normal I think, but then Saturday Marissa had a birthday party for a little girl in her class at church. It started at 2:30 - exactly naptime! So no nap again! Then Saturday night Dan and I went to his work Christmas party, and Rach babysat Marissa. Only the family I work for (Rach watched them way back in July when I was so sick) asked Rach to watch their kids Saturday night too. So Rach took Marissa over there. They had lots of fun, but Marissa ended up staying awake til after 10pm, with no nap! She was interesting Sunday, and took an unprecedented 3-hour nap to make up for all of that! But she was still ok! I can't believe she's getting old enough to skip naps and be fine with it! I, on the other hand, am NOT ok with her skipping naps! Lol.

Dan won a $100 Visa gift card at his work party! We didn't stay very late, but it was well worth going just for that! We had a good time eating and chatting though.

Sunday night our church had their special Christmas program called "The Living Christmas Tree." I was told that Marissa would find it enjoyable and entertaining enough, so we brought her. First of all, they give out tickets for it, so they know they have enough room for everyone, since they perform it like 7 or 8 times. So we had reserved tickets. However, there was not a seat to be found. We had to wait for the pastor to ask everyone to smoosh in, and we still couldn't sit together. Dan sat on the other side of the church, and Rach and Marissa and I squeezed into a space for one person. I really wanted to see Marissa enjoy it, so I insisted on sitting with them, as Rach wouldn't give her up to sit with me. Marissa enjoyed the first few songs, and after that, the only thing she enjoyed was the clapping. She was ridiculous. It was so difficult to keep her contained and still and quiet in that tiny space. Not to mention my huge belly obviously in the way - I don't have much of a lap for her to sit on and she kept switching between sitting on me and sitting on Rach. It was a neat performance, but I really didn't enjoy it too much because of the seating/Marissa issues. And then, during the prayer at the end, she said very loudly, "Mommy, why is everybody sleeping?" Funny, but inappropriate. Granted, there were many other kids there, making just as much commotion, but no one wants it to be their own kid.

Well, this week I need to do lots of laundry, and make some Christmas goodies. I finally finished addressing all our Christmas cards, I just need to pick up more stamps and then they're ready to go out! Most of our Christmas shopping is done, just waiting on some things to be shipped. I'm really looking forward to this week being over, and some wonderful Christmas vacation time with family. I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow, which means I'm 31 weeks, and I'll hopefully remember to take a belly picture. But other than posting that, I'll probably make myself scarce these next few weeks. So Merry Christmas!

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Jillian said...

Wow, you guys sound super busy. Tis the season, right? I feel your pain...

I'm sorry Marissa fell. It seems like you were more traumatized than she was, which was probably a good thing! I'm so glad that she's not afraid of her bed now. Brooke is going to be transitioned to a "big girl" bed soon and I'm so anxious about incidents like this.
I might just keep her in her crib until she goes to college. Lol