Wednesday, February 4, 2009

38 weeks

I don't have much to write, but I figured I'd at least put up my 38 week picture, and say that I didn't have the baby yet! I've been sleeping really well lately, finally, so at least I should be rested by the time she's born!

This week started with a bang: We were startled awake Monday morning at 6:45 by my mom calling to say my dad had a seizure and they were going to the hospital. Totally freaked everyone out. He had a seizure a few years ago, but other than that, he has no health problems! And the seizure back then was a one-time thing, nothing ever came of it. They did some tests this time, and didn't find anything out yet this time either. So who knows what the deal is. He is fine now, just sore from the actual seizure (hurt his back and neck pretty bad). But the real kicker about this whole thing is that now, legally, he is not allowed to drive until he is seizure-free for 6 months. And if you recall, my mom broke her shoulder right after Christmas, so she still can't drive either. It's so frustrating to be stuck here and not be able to help them out at all! And my brother and sister are both in college, so they can't really drop everything to help either. My dad's parents were able to drive up for a visit to help out, but my parents' church is going to have to help long-term. It's really sad that my parents won't be able to get out here right away after Arianna is born, but Rach has a spring break soon after the due date, so she'll be able to drive them out here then for a visit. Craziness!

Well, Dan and Marissa are at church, and I have the entire evening to do whatever I want. It might even be the last time! I keep thinking "this could be the last..." but then it never is. I didn't really expect to have this baby early, but I really hope I don't go too late! I am excited about meeting this new little baby girl, and I want to cuddle her in a more comfortable way that I am right now! All her clothes are washed and put away. The pack-n-play is ready to put up in our bedroom (as soon as Dan vacuums one last time - I am physically incapable of doing that anymore!), and I know exactly where the carseat is - just need to clean the car out a little before we put it in. My hospital bag is all packed except for last minute stuff, and so is the bag I'm sending with Marissa to our friends' house. I've been telling her all about what's going to happen, little by little, and she seems ready and excited. I just hope she doesn't freak out when the time actually comes to leave her there for a while! I think she'll be fine during the day, I'm just not sure how bedtime is going to go, since only family has ever put her to bed (successfully).

Ok, I'm off to enjoy my Wednesday evening!

38 weeks = too big to cut own toenails (ouch!)
Sometimes I forget how huge I am til I see a picture of myself (or I try to roll over in bed!)


Jillian said...

Wow, you REALLY popped! You look great but I can imagine how uncomfortable you must be. I can't believe you're due in TWO WEEKS!!!!

I'm truly sorry to hear about your dad. That's great that their church is available to help them through a time such as this.

bb and mtb said...

Awesome belly! You are sooo close now!