Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Marissa-isms, and 39 weeks

Before I forget, I wanted to write these funny things down that Marissa is up to lately:

We watched "Finding Nemo" last week for toddler movie night. Now, at random times throughout the day (or at the doctor's office), she will break out into "Mine, mine, mine, mine" and "Just peep (keep) swimming..."

She came home from church last Wednesday night, all excited to tell me all about her night. "So, I did three things..." and then proceeded to list three things!
Then the next morning, she said "We need to go to the store and buy two things: orange juice and chocolate milk" - when did she figure this listing thing out?

Rissa, to her baby, "Hey, you head-butted me!"

"Just in case-y"

She is still telling the story of "I was running with my flower shoes, and I fell on the sidewalk, and got two boo-boos, and Mommy and Ra-ra just put two band-bands on it" - this actually took place in May or June of 2008!

"So, about my problem..."

"What'd you say?"

"What's a-matter with you?"

"I wanna noogie-noogie" - I'm not sure exactly where this came from. I think I saw it on a kids show once, where they were rubbing noses together and saying noogie-noogie. Anyways, I might have done it once or twice with her, ages ago, and all of a sudden, she's asking for it all the time. SO cute!

She was driving some cars on the floor. I asked her where they were driving to, and her answer was "To the office!"

"I wanna hug you all day!" Yesterday as I put her down for nap, I think she knew she could delay it. And it worked, of course. We hugged for 10 minutes or so, and when I whispered "You're wonderful" in her ear, she whispered back "No, you're wonderful!"

39 weeks yesterday. The midwife checked me at my appointment, and nothing is happening yet. But I definitely had some contractions the other night - 3 of them, 15 minutes apart. So maybe soon? Or maybe not...I'm ready though! (yes, I'm wearing short sleeves in the dead of winter - I'm hot all the time these days! It's soooo weird for me, since I am usually freezing COLD everywhere I go!)

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Jillian said...

It's amazing how quickly toddlers turn into little people, isn't it? Those stories are hilarious!

Hang in there... You'll have a baby in your arms before you know it and that is SO exciting!!!!! You still look great, if that's any consolation:-)