Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I've been feeling guilty about this baby girl a little. We haven't painted a room for her, and we probably won't - she will eventually share Marissa's room (which we will hopefully paint and decorate this spring). We haven't bought any new decorations for her. And we won't. We still have stuff left from Marissa, but it's not very "modern" and there is really no point in putting anything up since we won't do a whole room for her. She's getting "sloppy seconds" (I think I stole that phrase from someone) for car seats, clothes (well, the ones that will fit), crib, bedding, and toys. Her car seat isn't even a neat modern design - it's plaid. And even though it's from Wal*Mart, I really just wish we could go out and buy all of this for her RIGHT NOW (Love it for a baby room, and LOVE it for a spin-off for a future guest room!!!):

Bedding set:

(These are wall stickers - coolest invention ever!)

How cute would this all be together?! With green or tan walls. And when it's no longer needed as baby stuff, just add a dark brown or red comforter to our double bed...
Oh well. It's frustrating. But she will be just as loved as Marissa. I just wish we could show it differently...

And while we're at it, I'd buy these wall stickers for Rissa's room:

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Jillian said...

I totally feel you on this one! It's almost like if you had a little boy now you would have HAD to buy new things but because you're having a girl (which is still amazing!) then you can be minimalisitc on what you buy for her. I feel the same way with our baby, but I keep reminding myself that the material things aren't what matter... It's the love and time we give to our kids! And besides, we both sacrifice to stay with home our babies. It's a trade off that is well worth it! Don't be sad:-)